Mental breakdown: what the hell is happening with Amanda Bynes?
"I want @drake to murder my vagina." - Guess who? Amanda Bynes, the weird, quirky-yet-loveable child actress most known for being a cast member of Nickelodeon's legendary show All That, has recently been acting more "different" than usual.
Girls: The awkward 20-something reality
After a season and a half, 18 episodes, mid-20s frustrations and countless awkward sex scenes, it all makes sense. Girls, the HBO television series that recently won a Golden Globe for Best Television series, is a must watch for those of us who are in the "20-something" range of life where reality just isn't as easy as it once was in college and especially back in high school. I began watching the show a few episodes into the first season.
The Swerve God
It's the beginning of the semester and there's a line of people anxiously awaiting entrance into an already-flooded house party. Though it's midnight and pitch black in the driveway, the easily noticeable 6-foot-4 Derrick Swerve still manages to distract partygoers from the speakers pumping high decibels of music.
"Chris Brown, Rihanna, Karrueche: losing "
There's really no reason to have an alarm set when you can rely on your friends and members of the group chat constantly sending you screenshots before noon. The everyday meme always keeps me laughing, but lately everything has focused on the constantly entertaining love triangle between pop/hip-hop artist Chris Brown, pop artist Rihanna and Brown's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. This week, Rihanna once again let it be known to the world that she and Chris Brown are together by dropping two pictures via Instagram.
"A listen to the producer, not the DJ"
In the upper level wood-floored apartment, the aura of college housing with a mix of walking into a new record store fills the air.
More than lyrics
Music, like sports, has been regularly used as a medium for competition for as long as egos have been in existence.
Everything you need to know about the iPhone 5
Apple has dominated in MP3 players and has been considered the Mercedes-Benz of cellular phones since the iPhone was first introduced by the late great Steve Jobs in 2007. On Sept.