eXquire blasts Soundlab

The Spectrum

It was hard to believe there was a concert going on at Soundlab.

The first noticeable attribute of the venue was the black-and-white tiled floor where over 100 people should have stood. The second eye-catching feature was the movie screen on stage that depicted women indulging in promiscuous behavior and skateboarding among a variety of clips, all while the words TOATS ORIG. - blog group - flashed on the screen.

Last Saturday, gritty Brooklynite Mr. MFN eXquire was set to headline with two openers, but on this night there was a little set back due to time management.

Even though key people like the promoter were late, fans didn't seem distraught. DJs hopped on their turntables during the wait, prompting everybody in attendance to dance.

The atmosphere at Soundlab started off calm - a characteristic that defined the headliner.

"I found out about Mr. MFN eXquire through [streetwear brand] Mishka," said TOATS ORIG. member Spencer Macpherson. "He's just chilling, dude. When he first got here, he was super cool."

But people got a chance to get energetic before MFN's cool demeanor arrived.

The first opening act was the seven-member rap outfit Koolie High. The group had the crowd moshing, swerving and throwing jabs toward the ceiling for their entire set. They did their job and even received a shoutout via Twitter from eXquire.

When Koolie High finished its set, another performer - who sported a Baltimore Orioles fitted - picked up the mic. He introduced himself as Dr. Ooo and the crowd threw his name right back at him; "Ooo..." was echoing off the brick walls of the venue.

Ooo came with a more lyrical approach. His stage presence kept the crowd involvedand attentive.His strong punchlines were noticed, and he received positive feedback for some of his lines.

The instrumentals were excellent, and the spontaneity of them all kept the crowd interested. During many tracks, the beat would change halfway and skyrocket from there. Mr. MFN eXquire had an enormous smile during Ooo's set as he enjoyed his music from backstage.

Soon after, eXquire hopped on stage with little notice; half of the audience was still standing around by the tables and bar. But when everyone noticed the headliner had stepped on stage,they flocked to the front row.

eXquire was everything that was expected and more. He was sweating and bouncing all over the stage while rapping those raw lyrics he's known for.

"[eXquire] reminded me of old school hip-hop, [except] with contemporary lyrics and content," said Mike Uko, a junior business major.

The light bounced off eXquire's gold frames, and you could see him smiling from anywhere in the basement with his gold teeth in.

When his frames finally came off, he hopped in the crowd moshing and mobbing with everyone in the front row. He even gave everyone a sneak peak to his new upcoming track with Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane.

By the end of the performance, it was clear eXquire was prepared to give the crowd a top-notch performance; he didn't show any fatigue in his set.

eXquire continued to party with the crowd after his show ended while his DJ continued work the turntables.

The concert may have started late, but it ended successfully. eXquire showed love to the audience, and it was all out of appreciation for Buffalo.

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