Men's fall dos and don'ts

The Spectrum

Summer's over, and even though Drake still hasn't dropped a new track, fall is most definitely on its way. With the cool breezes that make your girl brush up on your peacoat comes the necessity of wearing more clothes and wearing them well.

Summer isn't going to resurrect for another 200-something days, so chill with the flip-flops with no socks. It's cold outside and you didn't create Facebook. Every time I see toes out on the Academic Spine and it's 50 degrees out, I secretly hope the abominable snowman mauls them.

Summer clothes are for summer.

With fall around the corner, it's hoodie weather and sweater season.Pullover hoodies are chill because they're always something to fall back on if you don't really feel like getting dressed - they're the sweatpants of the torso. But don't be mundane - get something dope that special female friends will try to steal from you when she's at your crib. Stussy and 10 Deep recently dropped their fall lines so you can stand out with a pullover from either of those brands.

Sweaters are pretty thick, so if you don't want to go through the trouble of multiple layers, a simple jacket will suffice. If you're feeling really immune to the cold, you don't have to wear a jacket at all.

Zip-up hoodies are key to the layering effect - those and flannels will be big this season. You can layer jackets, hoodies, T-shirts or flannels - depending on your mood and the weather.

I'm a hoodie guy, and recommend Alternative Apparel zip-ups.

Ninety percent of body heat escapes through the head, so make sure you have an arsenal of beanies and skullies. Beanies with pom (or fur ball) on top are undefeated right now. You can't go wrong.

Invest in the dopest of items. If the ladies aren't dying to steal what's in your closet, then you're doing something wrong.

Be sure to visit Urban Outfitters or online boutiques and get your steez (or style) up for the breeze.