"Chris Brown, Rihanna, Karrueche: losing "

There's really no reason to have an alarm set when you can rely on your friends and members of the group chat constantly sending you screenshots before noon.

The everyday meme always keeps me laughing, but lately everything has focused on the constantly entertaining love triangle between pop/hip-hop artist Chris Brown, pop artist Rihanna and Brown's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

This week, Rihanna once again let it be known to the world that she and Chris Brown are together by dropping two pictures via Instagram. The first read, "Home is where the c**k is." with the caption "#frankfurt is looking like heauxm[sic]" (where Chris Brown is on tour) and a follow-up image of her holding him after his performance.

Last Friday morning, I woke up to a screenshot from MediaTakeOut, which claimed Karrueche has a baby bump and the child may very well be Brown's. They also reported she was two months pregnant and concluded that's why she continues to stick around with Brown.

Not one week, better yet not four days, ever pass without some type of update between those three. In the beginning of all of this turbulence and VH1-esque drama, I believed Brown was winning.

Brown has revitalized his career after soaring through the air at the 2011 VMAs. Rihanna's restraining order against Brown was lifted, and he still managed to subliminally diss her on his "Way Too Cold Freestyle" in May 2012. He then courted her all over again while still continuing to be in a relationship with Karrueche.

Heads turned and ears perked up when Brown decided to end his relationship with Karrueche. It's easy for people to look at Brown and say he's confused and doesn't know what he wants, when in actuality he's doing exactly what he wants. Karrueche has since been spotted staying overnight at Brown's home and millions have seen the intimate images of Brown and Rihanna.

Overall, though, Rihanna doesn't seem too upset with Chris and neither does Karrueche. They seem to take their frustrations out on each other rather than the man casually sitting in the middle, and that's why both of these ladies are losing.

Rihanna proves to be the bigger loser because she was directly influenced by a very traumatic situation. The abused returning to the abuser is a domestic violence statistic that happens too frequently. The image she sends to young fans is that it's all right to forgive and forget. If he's cute enough, if he's successful enough, if he can dance, then it's like nothing ever happened. Love conquers all, right?

MediaTakeOut isn't the most reliable source, but when it comes to anything pertaining to Rihanna, they're normally spot on. So if Karrueche really is pregnant with Brown's child, he will forever be connected with a woman he still remains to have feelings and care for. And that's a situation Rihanna is going to have to live with if she continues with Brown.

I look at Karrueche and she reminds me of a girl who fell in love and continues to love. She dismissed what this man has proven to be capable of and spent several months with him. She's being brushed off as number two. If she is pregnant, she needs to handle her business as she chooses. If not, then she has to move on. It's definitely easier said than done and something that can only be figured out on the persons' own, but very necessary to at least hear.

Brown removed his Twitter last week after getting bullied by Jenny Johnson, only to reactivate his account a few days later. His sensitivity to slander is why his stock falls, and he continues to tarnish his own name. He has resorted to biting and punching Rihanna and in the end got off free, with two women fighting with each other instead of bringing it to his doorstep. He should've accepted that someone is going to remind him of his actions every day. Though Brown really doesn't have to apologize to anyone but Rihanna, people still feel as though they are owed and he should forever suffer.

Brown tweeting corny things like, "I should fart while ur [sic] giving me top," doesn't do anything positive for his image. I can't imagine what his PR team goes through.

As of today, Brown and Rihanna have spent Thanksgiving and many more days together, and Karrueche has most likely been home in Los Angeles. We can only sit back and watch how all of this plays out. With new factors emerging consistently, none of this is going to come to a conclusion anytime soon.

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