'Mean Girls,' 'The Band's Visit' and more traveling to Shea's
Buffalo theater-goers have a lot to look forward to next year. Shea’s Performing Arts Center announced its M&T Bank 2019-2020 season. This year’s lineup will include seven national tours, opposed to the location’s usual six. Highlights of the upcoming shows include “Mean Girls,” “The Band’s Visit” and “Come From Away”.
'Living the dream:' International Fiesta winners Korean SA reflect on journey to the top
Inha Jung remembers a time when her club did not have a set room. The Korean Student Association and Kasanova Dance Team had to travel around North Campus looking for a space to practice last year. The group would go from the Richmond Hall gym to the Student Union Flag Room looking for a vacancy.
Culture on camera
Growing up in India, UB student Rutuja Sawant never felt like she could express herself. She struggled between the pressure to succeed academically and the lack of representation in media, but found a sense of identity through filmmaking.
'Miss Saigon' presents love and heartbreak in the face of war
The classic Broadway musical “Miss Saigon” brought its renewed production to Shea’s Performing Arts Center. The story takes a critical look at the Vietnam War and the impact of Western interference. The performance offers vibrant set designs and elaborate choreography in the tragedy.
Animation company makes its way in the universe
Animation is typically associated with big Hollywood studios, but the art form has grown far beyond film and television.  Rebel One Studios is reclaiming animation and breaking traditional stereotypes from healthcare to architecture and advertising.
Misgivings at the movies
Convicted serial killer Ted Bundy returned to public consciousness in light of the 30th anniversary of his death and the controversial biopic premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy have all previously been the topic of Hollywood biopics.
Sensual surrealism
After a serious car accident in Buffalo, UB student Habiba Abdelall found her comfort through art.  Her focus: female nudes. 
'Cats' revival tour travels to Buffalo
Gina Smith took a bus from Oil City, Pennsylvania to see “Cats” on opening night at Shea’s Theater. She had been waiting to see the show for 32 years. “When they announced the show in Buffalo, I told my husband there was no way I was missing it. He jumped up and said he was going too. This was our Christmas gift.”
The grapevine
February is a notoriously hard month for UB students. Classwork and bad weather return in full force, making it pretty miserable. The Buffalo music scene, despite the low morale, continues to draw in big acts for local fans.   The Spectrum assembled a collection of some of the most attractive shows and events happening around the area throughout the first few weeks of classes.
The grapevine
Winter break is a time for relaxation, but not all students travel home or leave the Buffalo area. Luckily, for those individuals, Buffalo has a thriving music scene that doesn't take any breaks.  Between large venues like the KeyBank Center to smaller, more intimate venues like Town Ballroom, there is a wide range of acts throughout the next two months.