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Financial analyst denies ‘preconceived agenda’ in UB analysis
Howard Bunsis –– the Eastern Michigan University accounting professor who reported UB spends more on administration than any of its “peers” –– denies UB’s statement that his independent financial analysis had a “preconceived agenda.”  Bunsis’ report, which he released in February, called UB financial reporting “less transparent” than any of the over 100 universities he examined over the last 15 years. UB’s response urged readers to be “very skeptical of its findings” and said Bunsis had a “preconceived agenda” because he was hired. UB said the “report contains several flaws, inaccuracies and inconsistencies that misrepresent and misinterpret UB’s budget and budgeting process.” But Bunsis, in an April 3 email, said his report was based on “facts.”
UB contributes to local pandemic preparations
The Food and Drug Administration gave UB and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center permission Wednesday to begin a “collaborative clinical study” using an experimental drug, sarilumab, to try to treat some COVID-19 effects. Igor Puzanov, the trial’s co-principal investigator, hopes the drug, which reduces inflammation, may alleviate some of COVID-19’s worst symptoms like lung injury. 
SA treasurer says she’s pursuing student activity fees refunds
The Student Association has “approximately” $900,000 of student fees left from this semester after SA cancelled all events, activities and meetings until May 16, according to SA Treasurer Kendra Harris. Harris said she’s pursuing prorated refunds for students’ activity fees.
Meet the candidates: 2020-21 Student Association executive board
Student Association elections will take place 10 a.m. Tuesday until 5 p.m. Thursday through UBLinked, according to members of the elections committee.  While elections usually take place at a physical polling location in the Student Union, this year’s move to online voting comes after UB’s switch to a “distance-learning” model and SA’s cancellation of all other SA events.
UBIT warns students of 'cybercriminals' taking advantage of COVID-19
Cybercriminals are using phishing attacks to take advantage of COVID-19 worries, according to UB Information Technology.  The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization warned that cybercriminals are using the organnizations’ names and images for phishing attacks –– when cybercriminals pose as reputable organizations to convince people to share personal information. The University of Michigan warned students to beware of scams including: promotion of products that claim to prevent, treat or cure COVID-19; requests for money from fraudulent charities; misinformation; phishing; and links to malicious websites disguised as COVID-19 maps. UBIT wrote in a news release that “phishing emails will likely include alerts and warnings about the coronavirus outbreak, along with a link.” 
UB moves to ‘distance-learning’ model for rest of spring semester
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced all SUNY and CUNY schools will transition to online classes starting March 19 during a press conference Wednesday at 1:45 p.m. 
Students find bat ‘hanging around’ in C3 Thursday
Students found a live bat in the fountain beverage machine tray in C3 Thursday evening.  Campus Dining and Shops suspects the bat entered from an outside hallway or an open door and that it was an isolated incident, according to Marketing Manager Ray Kohl. Kohl said the bat did not come into contact with guests, staff or food. CDS called a local exterminator to assess the situation and advise whether or not CDS needs further extermination services. 
Student Association executive board elections to take place March 24-26
Student Association executive board elections will take place from Tuesday, March 24 through Thursday, March 26. Current students who want to run for the 2020-21 e-board must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average and a petition with at least 200 signatures from undergraduate students.
Biden takes lead after ‘Super Tuesday,’ Sanders supporters say they need to ‘fight harder’
Students followed along Tuesday as democrats rallied around former Vice President Joe Biden on “Super Tuesday,” when he regained the front-runner position in the 2020 democratic primary. 
Analysis finds UB administrators make combined $23 million more than their peers’ average
UB spends over $23 million more on administrative salaries than the average of their “peer institutions,” according to an accounting professor’s independent financial analysis report. The analysis, conducted by Eastern Michigan University’s Howard Bunsis, found roughly 13% of the money UB spends on salaries is on upper administration.