A new society for soloists
Manuel Pena Cruz has struggled to stay motivated with his music at UB. The senior psychology major was an active musician in high school and the president of his high school music club for two years. When he arrived at UB, Pena Cruz joined The Buffalo Chips –– UB’s male a cappella group –– but soon realized that the group wasn’t for him. He is more of a solo artist.
Artist spotlight: Mavi
Mavi was released from the hospital on his birthday last year. His illness and surgery disrupted his career, as the Charlotte rapper was preparing to take his “first big step onto the main stage.” This year, he celebrated his birthday to the tune of his debut album “Let the Sun Talk.”
Shoeless and shameless
Matthew Romanyk’s longboard is the only thing separating his bare feet from the pavement and a terrible brush burn when he weaves his way between students, down Putnman Way and toward the Student Union.  As he approaches the thick crowd gathered around the SU, Romanyk needs to come to a stop without using his feet to slow himself down. Instead, he jumps off, simultaneously flicking his board into his hands and lands on his bare feet –– not a scratch on them. 
Hella hidden hikes
Fall is underway and while it’s been surprisingly warm, we can’t expect the good luck to last in Buffalo.  Although the Buffalo area doesn’t boast tall, impressive mountain ranges, there are still a number of interesting hikes in the area to enjoy while the weather still permits. From rock cities and outdoor art exhibits to natural fireplaces under waterfalls, the area has many unique places to explore. 
Get to snow Schussmeisters
Buffalo is known for its snow. It is not, however, known for its skiing. But that doesn’t stop Schussmeisters Ski Club –– a student-run club at UB founded in 1960 –– from making the best of the nearby slopes.
DJ AJ: The man behind the music
It’s mid-day, and the Student Union is swarming with students. Lines are long and tables are full. The building is noisy with chatter.  Suddenly, a deep bass riff starts to resonate throughout the building. The light buzz intensifies as its source leaves The Commons and heads toward SU. 
Passion over profession
Jasmine To –– a junior psychology major –– left her paints at home to take classes for two years. She wanted to pave her way toward a practical, financially responsible career. Now, she realizes she’s been working toward a future she didn’t choose for herself. 
Koffee talks travel, ‘Rapture’ and Kranium
Koffee didn’t need any coffee to help her pull off her Fall Fest performance Saturday night. Instead, the artist –– who had the flu –– leaned on and harnessed her Buffalonian fans’ positive energy.  Koffee, born Mikayla Simpson, performed at the Center for the Arts during the Student Association’s first of three Fall Fest shows, where she announced her sickness on stage.
Shinedown expects ‘biggest show’ of 2019
Shinedown will bring “the biggest show of 2019” to Buffalo on Sept. 27.  The performance, taking place at KeyBank Center, is part of Shinedown’s “Attention Attention World Tour” featuring a setlist of the band’s sixth studio album.