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Students hold candlelight vigil for Iran
Students gathered outside the Student Union Thursday for a candlelight vigil, illuminating the restrictions of the Iranian government.  Twenty-three students attended the vigil, which Hesam Ghodrat* said he coordinated not as a form of protest, but as a call for “basic human rights.” The Iranian government has placed “very big limitations” on its people, according to Ghodrat, such as restricting internet access and news censorship. 
The Spectrum’s exclusive interview with the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman
Maggie Haberman knows her critical coverage of President Donald Trump “probably works at [her] disadvantage.” But she says she isn’t writing for the president’s approval.  Haberman believes if she wrote any other way, it wouldn’t be the truth.
Pulitzer Prize winner Maggie Haberman discusses writing the ‘drafts of history’
Maggie Haberman said she had a “fairly traditional career” before Donald Trump’s presidency. And while she’s since been “attacked” by Trump and often faces the “corrosive effects” of fake news rhetoric, she still says her job is “amazing.”
Search begins for School of Engineering and Applied Sciences dean
UB community members said they want a School of Engineering and Applied Sciences dean who is “collaborative” and has previous academic experience. SEAS is searching for a new dean and the search committee, comprised of 14 professors and faculty members and one graduate student, held its first public meeting Monday to listen to community’s suggestions and questions.
‘Center for the Trap:’ Gunna, DaBaby turn Fall Fest into Trap Fest
When UB built the Center for the Arts in 1994, Jonathan Kirk was three years old. He was just a baby.
UB student heads marijuana legalization advocacy group
Jack Porcari pays over $200 monthly to treat his epilepsy, a chronic disorder of recurrent seizures. But the sophomore political science major said he would rather pay for an alternative treatment that works “just as well” and costs less.
Menstrual product drive open through Nov. 8
The Student Association collected 386 menstrual products, as of Wednesday afternoon, since starting a menstrual product drive on Oct. 21.     The drive, which will last until Nov. 8, is part of a SUNY SA initiative to encourage all SUNY schools to participate, according to SA Chief of Staff Eric Rooney.
Community upset with UB over Tonawanda Coke research study
Local activists are upset with UB for its role in environmental studies on the former Tonawanda Coke plant. The plant, which manufactured coke –– a fuel made by heating coal or oil –– was convicted in 2013 for violating the Clean Air Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.