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Alexandra Moyen is a news editor for The Spectrum.


‘UB Black faculty are disappointed with UB response to BLM movement’
Sixty-five Black SUNY professors held an unprecedented meeting Monday to discuss their frustration over the way their universities responded to the racial tensions that have exploded across the country since George Floyd’s death on March 25. 
‘No justice, no peace’
Omran Albarazanchi wishes he had been “more vocal” when he heard instances of “pure racism” during high school.  
UB will begin issuing campus-fee refunds starting May 4
UB will begin processing direct-deposit fee refunds on the week of May 4 and students will see refunds within two business days, according to a Thursday email from Student Accounts. 
Graduating student advocates encourage others to move forward with AAS protests
Jeffrey Clinton has been fighting for more support for UB’s African and African American Studies Program since he transferred to UB last year.  After getting what he called “the runaround” during a March 11 protest, Clinton promised he would return with local news outlets and more protesters to put more “pressure” on the school.
UB community member tests positive for COVID-19
A UB community member tested positive for COVID-19 Wednesday and is currently in mandatory isolation in their off-campus residence, according to an email from UB President Satish Tripathi. 
‘Love what you do:’ Daymond John shares five points for success at UB
As UB canceled everything, Daymond John was the maestro for a crowd of over 50 people as they defied social-distancing regulations so he could talk about a TV show. Daymond John said he saw “future” and “current sharks” in the audience of UB students who were taking notes during his speech Wednesday.
SA president remains suspended after three failed motions to reinstate
Student Association President Yousouf Amolegbe has waited for a follow-up decision on his now five-plus-week suspension, as the SA Board of Directors continues to vote to keep it in place. The BOD met Thursday as SA Treasurer Kendra Harris motioned to reopen the discussion of Amolgebe’s suspension.
Black Explosion ‘Rebirth’ educates and entertains
Flute Fingers, a performer at Saturday’s Black Explosion fashion show, approached the stage on a hoverboard, playing Drake and Future’s “Life is Good” on his flute. Soon after, the performer wound up serenading an audience member with a flute rendition of Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up.”  
LASA wins International Fiesta
At the end of its International Fiesta performance Saturday, the Latin American Student Association stormed the Center for the Arts stage, holding signs to protest domestic violence.  The display was the final emotional moment in the club’s first-place victory at SA’s annual dance competition. It marked LASA’s fourth win since 2011, with a performance that illuminated domestic violence within the Latin American community.
UB introducing paper bags to comply with plastic bag ban
Campus Dining and Shops and other businesses around campus will stop offering single-use plastic bags as part of the state-wide plastic bag ban beginning March 1.  New York State created the law to reduce waste and other negative environmental impacts. All businesses required to collect NYS sales tax will be banned from distributing plastic bags, even during tax-exempt sales. Businesses are not required to provide alternative bags, like paper bags, so NYS encourages consumers to carry reusable bags with them.