Inside the mind of up-and-coming Buffalo producer jacebeats
UB's Jamie Catania has been producing music for almost a decade, storing hundreds of beats in his “vault” and putting a select few on his SoundCloud under the stage name ‘jacebeats.’
'Furious 7' delivers while falling short of recent films in the franchise
Furious 7 is a film that can’t decide what it wants the stakes to be.
Accident near UB on Sweethome results in minor injuries
At approximately 3 p.m. an “inattentive driver” of a grey SUV traveling down Sweethome Road. rear-ended a blue sedan turning into University Place.
Jessica Williams rescheduled to April 2
Jessica Williams of The Daily Show was originally set to perform at UB's Center for the Arts on March 12 but her performance has been rescheduled for April 2.
International Fiesta on Saturday will celebrate diversity by exploring cultural journeys
This year’s International Fiesta starts at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in the Center for the Arts’ Mainstage Theater. This year’s Fiesta is focused around “the great journey.” 
Daily Show's Jessica Williams' performance in limbo, SA hopes for April date
SA President James Ingram said its uncertain if the Student Association will be able to find a new performance date for Jessica Williams' canceled show, or if it will have to reach out to another comedian. 
'The Daily Show''s Jessica Williams to headline UB's 14th annual Comedy Series
The Student Association announced Wednesday that The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams will headline UB’s 14th annual Comedy Series on March 12.
Gamefly for all it's worth
December 29 marked my 100th month as a GameFly subscriber. 
HBO Go comes to UB's campus
Students returned to campus at the start of the semester to find pamphlets at their doors, flyers throughout the dorms and messages in their inboxes telling them they now had access to HBO Go.
UB's brown bag concert series offers informal way for audience to eat and listen to music
Hangyu Bai, an advanced contemporary music certificate student, ended Tuesday?s Brown Bag Concert, masterfully playing Ligeti?s ?Musica ricercata #4, 8 and 9.?