"UB seniors share goals, dreams and plans upon graduation "

The Spectrum

Tal Kissos, a senior media study major, is willing to work in a mailroom in Los Angeles for 10 years if that's what it takes to make it big in the film business.

Kissos is ready to walk in May's commencement ceremony. He's graduating from UB with the ultimate desire to "break into the film industry and direct feature films and television," he said.

Students are preparing for life after graduation - with only three weeks until commencement, students have varying goals, ranging from finding a job to attending graduate school.

This summer, Kissos plans on saving $5,000 to $6,000 working on a variety of local film gigs to fund his first move to Los Angeles in September.

"I've been at UB for four years," Kissos said. "So I'm pumped to leave finally and start my life."

Kissos is going to travel to Los Angeles with his mother. Together they plan on staying in a hotel while scoping out different towns and apartments. He's currently looking into Wilshire, Burbank and West Hollywood as top places for his future home.

Kissos is fearless about his future.

He believes success in the film industry depends entirely on how well one can network and has confidence in his abilities to do just that. He said he's a natural at networking and meeting people - it's what he thrives on.

With his technical and creative skills supplementing his ability to network, Kissos thinks he will be "just fine" in Los Angeles.

"I know enough people in L.A. where I would be OK, work-wise," Kissos said. "I might work in a production company at first. Maybe I'll intern at an agency."

Kissos knows he'll be on the lookout for others in his position to create films with.

This semester, he's working on several short films, which he's going to wrap up this summer and send to film festivals in an attempt to get his name out in the industry and gain exposure.

He does not know where he is going to end up or exactly how his journey will pan out, "but that's the most exciting thing about the film business," Kissos said. "You just don't know what is going to happen or where your next job is going to come from."

Kissos enjoys living his life in the "fast lane" - he does not believe he needs further schooling to reach his dream.

Megan Rosen, a senior biological science major, plans on taking a more traditional route upon graduating from UB, she said.

To pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian, Rosen will begin her studies at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts, an island in the West Indies.

Her emotions are a mix of nervousness and excitement - though she has faith in herself to succeed in veterinary school, her biggest fear is failing.

But she believes UB has prepared her for next year.

"Being a student at UB, I was given the opportunity to take courses such as Comparative Primate Anatomy and Microbiology, which are classes I have to take in my first semester of vet school," Rosen said."I was also given an opportunity to hold two internship positions at the Buffalo Zoo, which I feel gave my vet application a competitive edge."

Before moving to a new country, Rosen will take this summer to travel to Israel on Birthright's trip with one of her closest friends. Then, she'll work as a head lifeguard at a yacht club for her fifth and final season. She looks forward to life outside of New York and embracing a new culture while pursuing her dreams, she said.

Other seniors are taking time after graduation to reflect on what they truly want to pursue.

Alexa Serin, a senior communication major, plans on spending a few months after graduation to "find herself." She is not pressuring herself to find a job that she may not enjoy right away.

Serin is traveling to Israel and Greece for approximately a month and a half this summer. She hopes to figure out where she wants to see her future during her trip.

She does not believe everyone should expect to know exactly what they want to do forever immediately after graduation. So when she gets home from her summer abroad, she will begin her focus on finding a job.

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