Facing the system: Former UB student struggles as Level 2 sex offender
Daniel Lampke, a Level 2 sex offender, calls into question the way judges decide sex offenders’ levels and the trickle down effect of that label, especially in the university setting. Despite the good intentions of the law, the label has ruined a young man’s life. 
The moments that matter
Moments matter – the ones we take to relax, the ones we’ll treasure forever or, as a reporter, the ones we’ll collect and write stories about.
The Spectrum sits down with President Tripathi
Tripathi sat down with The Spectrum to talk about big UB topics. 
Letter from the Editor: The Spectrum staff questions how we describe race
The media is writing about race issues. The Spectrum is writing about race issues.
Buffalo State’s ‘The Record’ April Fools controversy: Tough times in college media
It’s been said, but certainly not enough: It’s hard out there for a college journalist. Buffalo State's student government froze funding to its student newspaper because it didn't like the publication's April Fools' Day edition. 
Bingo Players to headline SA’s new ‘Electric Tundra’
Bingo Players will headline the Student Association’s first ever “Electric Tundra” concert on April 17. The EDM (electric dance music) concert will also host 3LAU and DNNYD.
John Oliver: A not so 'distinguished' speaker comes to UB
John Oliver came to UB Wednesday, speaking before a packed Alumni Arena, poking fun of American foibles and Buffalo's crazy snowstrom, which postponed his original performance date.
Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by Snowvember
Spectrum File Photo Over the past few days, I?ve grown accustomed to hearing my dad?s footsteps on my roof. I got used to having my ears attuned, listening for his distinct whistle, a piercing noise we agreed would signal an emergency.
UB cancels classes Thursday amid student frustration
A man in Lancaster struggles to clear his driveway of the more than 60 inches of snow the Buffalo suburb recieved through Wedneday.