Bold and brash in Buffalo
Regardless of the season, Buffalo’s arts and entertainment provide endless possibilities for weekend plans, but only if you only know where to look. 
'Feminism' is not a dirty word: UB Undergraduate Society of Feminists work toward equality for all
The Undergraduate Society of Feminists, or Undergrad SoFem for short, began meeting weekly at the beginning of the 2016 Fall Semester. They meet at 5:45 p.m. every Thursday to discuss important and often sensitive issues surrounding feminism in our society, including consent, sex education and even religion.
Happy Birthday, Steak and Cake Records
Hannah O’Rourke, a SUNY Buffalo State graphic design student, said she couldn’t believe how much talent was in one basement. O’Rouke, along with other music lovers and friends and family of local musicians filtered in and out of West Side basement venue Curly’s Saturday night to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Brandon Schlia’s Buffalo-based independent music label, Steak and Cake Records, as well as Schlia’s 31st birthday.
Q&A: Steak and Cake Records turns 5
Started in 2011, Steak and Cake has spent the past five years producing local indie, alternative and even hip-hop groups, including Schlia’s own rock band Red Heat. His Bandcamp page has a discography of almost 100 different projects and collaborations with musicians from across the City of Buffalo and beyond.
The Dodos play intimate show at Buffalo's Mohawk Place
Despite saying they would never be back, The Dodos returned to Buffalo on Thursday. Many concert-goers happened to be UB students, who ventured from all over Western New York to see the emotional folk-rock duo perform live.
Indie-folk duo The Dodos to play Mohawk Place
The Spectrum got the chance to speak with Long about writing, touring and the trials of juggling music making and having a family.
Musical therapy: Passion Pit’s Kindred
Passion Pit has risen from the ashes. The group’s new music has traded sadness for optimism, showing strength and hope through happier lyrical themes such as friends, family, love and good times.
Spotify playlist: Spring Fest 2015
Spring Fest is upon us so get your ID cards ready. Whether you started jamming to these five bands when the lineup was first released or you still have no idea who these hipster bands are, this playlist will get you up-to-date A.S.A.P. Don’t let yourself be “that guy” at the show who only knows the words to the songs on the radio – consider this your Spring Fest crash course.
Unfriended movie review: bullying, suicide and Californian teens
Unfriended, according to our assistant arts editor, can be summed up in her following tweet: “I REALLY ENJOYED THE HEAVILY-ADVERTISED, GOOGLE/APPLE/FACEBOOK/SKYPE-SPONSORED PSA/CYBERBULLY REMAKE I JUST PAID $11 TO SEE.”
UB senior dancer Farrah Thompson dances toward graduation
Studying and choreographing at UB has allowed Thompson to experience the dancing world and given her access to prestigious intensive programs in New York City and across the United States.