Spotify playlist: Spring Fest 2015

Pregaming for the UB concert of the year

Spring Fest is upon us so get your ID cards ready. Whether you started jamming to these five bands when the lineup was first released or you still have no idea who these hipster bands are, this playlist will get you up-to-date A.S.A.P. Don’t let yourself be “that guy” at the show who only knows the words to the songs on the radio – consider this your Spring Fest crash course.

“The Balance” and “Rollin’ On” Royal Tongues

If you like indie-pop bands like Passion Pit or Grouplove, then the opening act’s set is definitely something to be excited about. This alternative/indie duo is native to Buffalo which makes their single, “The Balance,” with over a million listens on Spotify, that much more relevant and remarkable.

“Peaches” and “Hymnal” In the Valley Below

After getting pumped up by Royal Tongues, you’ll need time to recharge and get into the groove of the concert. Hyper-compatible alt-duo In the Valley Below’s sultry harmonies, charming chemistry and alluring blend of synth pop and indie rock are sure to get you in a mellow, feel-good mood – a perfect follow-up to Royal Tongues’ upbeat pop. Their songs “Peaches” and “Hymnal” are must-listens before coming to see the band Saturday.

“Giants” and “Agora” Bear Hands

Bear Hands might not be the biggest or boldest rock band around, but it’s hard to deny their chemistry with each other. The band’s strength isn’t found in its showmanship or resting on the laurels of a single musician’s talent. Rather, the band is best in how the four members’ styles complement each other. In “Giants” and “Agora,” the band’s strong, easily-danceable coalescence of punctuating guitar riffs, steady drum snares and pitchy vocals come together to create the perfect sonic balance between post-punk and indie rock.

“Warm Water” and “And I Drove You Crazy” Banks

Banks is one artist who doesn’t fit with the rest of the Spring Fest line-up; Banks is the sole R&B artist coming to Spring Fest. Her atmospheric voice, constantly layered over syrupy, deep house beats, has the ability to teleport listeners to another world. Banks’ music will be on full display at Spring Fest – check out “Warm Water” and “And I Drove You Crazy” to best explore the depths of Banks’ galactic sound.

“I Got” and “Crystallized” Young the Giant

Young the Giant (YTG) can deliver a variety of emotions – depending on which song you listen to. Tracks like “I Got,” from its self-titled debut sounds like an explosion of poppy happiness and make you feel like rolling around in some grass in the sunshine. But Young the Giant also combines rock into its pop style – Mind Over Matter combines heavy indie rock guitars with smooth synth in 13 ultra-catchy songs. To get an idea of YTG, then and now, listen to these two singles, with one from their early album and one from their later album.

Whichever vibe you prefer, pop or heavier indie rock, front-man Sameer Gadhia’s undeniably sexy voice will have you on an emotional rollercoaster from Alumni Lot all the way home.

Check out the playlist here.

Brian Windschitl is an arts editor and Grace Trimper is a staff writer. Both can be reached at