Pope Francis hits home much-needed message on global warming
Pope Francis visited the United States this week and met with common citizens and policy makers. He visited the nation’s capital, New York City and Philadelphia. He also stopped by jails and churches and addressed Congress and the United Nations on cultural, economic and ecological issues.
Students discuss being dismissed and getting back to UB
Dominique Hickson, a sophomore computer engineering major, told her story of academic dismissal in a workshop on Monday night hosted by Student Support Services (SSS). The workshop, which was titled ‘Bouncing Back from Dismissal,’ was Hickson’s idea as a way for students to learn from her mistakes.
Cleaning of UB's Lake LaSalle during Earth Week
The Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC), in partnership with the office of Outdoor Pursuits, pulled these and other bizarre items out of the lake in a cleanup effort as a part of UB’s Earth Week celebration.
UPD ‘Vehicle Break-in Report Card’ checks aim to prevent car theft and break-ins
UPD conducts ‘Vehicle Break-in Report Card’ checks on vehicles on campus to make sure they’re not susceptible to break-ins or theft. The checks give drivers a failing or passing mark. Patrols look to make sure vehicles do not have valuables in plain view, keys left inside or open windows, among other things that could make the car a target for thieves.
​Cleaning machine sets off fire alarm in Capen Hall
Floor cleaning equipment overheated and caught fire in Capen Hall this afternoon. The small fire was reported at 2:02 p.m. on the Capen ground floor 3A, according to University Police.
Capen Library third floor reopening delayed until February
The third floor of Capen Library was closed on Dec. 16, 2014 for renovations as a part of UB’s Heart of the Campus construction project, and was scheduled to reopen sometime in November 2015. But recent delays have pushed the reopening back to February 2016.
UB to improve Wi-Fi across all campuses
UB Information Technology (UBIT) is unrolling a new plan to help students like Acosta get their assignments in on time with its new Wi-Fi Boost initiative. UBIT will be improving its wireless Internet connections starting this summer for students, faculty and staff members across the North, South and downtown Medical Campuses. The Wi-Fi boost will start over the summer.
Faculty Senate rundown: New decanal review policy passed
The Faculty Senate passed a new decanal review process on Tuesday afternoon in the Center for Tomorrow, as it had enough members of the body attending to vote.
Distinguished Speaker Robert Ballard speaks at UB about his adventures under the sea
Robert Ballard spoke at Alumni Arena Wednesday night in front of a crowd of over 3,000 people as part of UB’s Distinguished Speaker Series.
Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, to come to UB
Dr. Robert Ballard, now a professor of oceanography and the director of the Center for Ocean Exploration at the University of Rhode Island, will be speaking in Alumni Arena on April 1 as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. Ballard said the talk will cover the past, present and future of deep-sea exploration illustrated through his explorations.