After a year of protests, little resolution on stipend level issues
Graduate students still insist they are not being paid a living wage, yet the university says it spends more than the national average to support its graduate students.
Professors, students discuss UB’s role in gentrification in Buffalo
Around 30 UB faculty, staff members and students gathered in Crosby Hall on South Campus Tuesday night to discuss their concerns on how the university impacts city neighborhoods. DifCon, also known as Difficult Conversations, is a discussion series sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence, which aims to bring members of the UB community together to discuss sensitive societal issues.
Living Stipend Movement holds rally on Accepted Students Day
Roughly 30 UB graduate students, faculty and community members gathered in the Student Union on UB’s Accepted Students Day to participate in the rally to fight for higher wages and lower fees for graduate students.
Project helps female STEM students overcome gender discrimination in workforce
Before she was Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UB, Liesl Folks dealt with gender discrimination in the workplace. In a sit-down interview with The Spectrum, Folks recalled specifically avoiding a male colleague at work. He’d often walk up behind her and start massaging her shoulders when she had to perform electron microscopes in dark, soundproof rooms.
Student efforts to bring food pantry to campus slowed
Student leaders hoped to create an on-campus food pantry to tackle the growing problem of food insecurity on college campuses, but efforts to partner with UB administration have recently slowed.
GSA votes in support of TA stipends, student anti-gun violence demonstrations
The Graduate Student Association Senate passed a unanimous resolution supporting current and prospective students who wish to participate in anti-gun violence demonstrations. 
Acclaimed author Margaret Atwood charms UB community
Margaret Atwood said she understands why people are concerned about the future of the humanities. Atwood’s sold-out keynote address, “An Evening with Margaret Atwood,” kicked off the “Humanities to the Rescue” weekend on Friday in the Center for the Arts. Her speech was part of a UB’s Humanities Institute project that aims to illuminate the importance of the humanities in the current socio-political climate
GSA to vote for immediate action on TA stipends
The Graduate Student Association will vote Wednesday on a proposal to increase stipends for graduate student teaching and research assistants.
On-campus food pantry proposal to tackle food insecurity at UB
UB students are partnering with Student Life to create an on-campus food pantry, after a National College Health Assessment report showed 25 percent of UB students experience some degree of food insecurity. Sub-Board I, a non-profit corporation owned by the seven student governments, sent a proposal to Student Life on Feb. 25 to create a university-funded, on-campus food pantry. While the initial budget proposal of the pantry indicates an annual cost of $25,000, SBI officials said it will become self-sustainable in regard to food costs
UB Council of Advocacy and Leadership addresses student concerns
Members of the Council of Advocacy and Leadership met on Wednesday night to discuss student concerns such as rising student fees and the enforcement of UB’s non-smoking policy. COAL is made up of the seven student government presidents, the Student-Wide Judiciary Chief Justice Joe Wolf and chaired by assembly speaker and UB Council student representative Mike Brown.