The Option is Mine
Ever since the issue surfaced during the 1996 elections, I've pondered over whether prayer should be permitted in public school.
To Dorm or Not to Dorm?
The decision of where to live can be a tough choice for students at UB. Living on campus or moving into an off-campus apartment both offer benefits and drawbacks and students are forced to weigh competing considerations in selecting their residence of choice.Living on campus, for example, tends to integrate students more fully into the campus and the university community.
Mechanical Bull Invades Homecoming
Each year, UB offers students and their families the chance to discover the university together through a weeklong celebration of school spirit culminating in Family and Homecoming Weekend.
"Linda Yalem Race Draws Runners, Volunteers to UB"
The 11th annual Linda Yalem Memorial Race, held in honor of a UB student raped and murdered on the Ellicott bike path, took place Sunday at 10 a.m., beginning and ending at Alumni Arena.The race began with a moment of silence for the victims of the recent terrorist attacks, deaths equally as senseless as Yalem's."I think it is important to remember things like this happen and to keep them from happening again and to always remember Linda.
UB Researcher Develops Volcano Risk Map
Thanks to a team of researchers from UB and the National University of Mexico, authorities in regions at-risk of volcano eruptions now have a way of detecting the direction of lava flow - and possibly mitigating harm from previously unpredictable eruptions.The risk map developed by Michael Sheridan, UB professor and volcanologist, will enable scientists to predict which populated areas will be affected in the event of an eruption, as well as providing alternative routes and locations for evacuation.The Popocatepetl volcano is located in a populous vicinity of Mexico containing approximately 30 million people, only 60 kilometers from Mexico City, and has been active since December 1994."There is a better than 50 percent confidence that if the next big eruption is similar in size to the eruption of 800 AD - the last big event - this map will portray the areas likely to be affected," said Sheridan.If successful, the risk map will help alleviate the pressure on Mexican authorities by making emergency evacuation safer and more effective."Civil Protection Authorities use hazard/risk maps to formulate plans for emergency response and evacuation.
"Linda Yalem Run Promotes Awareness, Unity"
Each year, UB and local community members gather to participate in the annual Linda Yalem Memorial Run, a fundraiser dedicated to the memory of a UB student raped and murdered on the Ellicott bicycle path 11 years ago.The 22-year-old was training for the New York City Marathon the day she was killed.