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GloBULL education week at UB

This week marks UB’s 17th annual International Education Week, which highlights the cultural diversity of the university. 

The events of the week include cultural displays, exhibitions and workshops to educate the UB community on the cultures on campus, according to UBNow.

From Nov. 12-16, the university is holding photo exhibitions, a World Bazaar, an international coffeehouse and other events to increase the university’s cross-cultural understanding.

The full event list can be found on the UB website.

Shelley Jackson to speak at UB 

Shelley Jackson will be discussing her latest novel “Riddance: Or: The Sybil Joines Vocational School for Ghost Speakers & Hearing-Mouth Children,” as part of the Exhibit X Fiction Series, according to UBNow.

Jackson has written both Instagram and print-based novels and also published a story solely through single word tattoos on 2,000 volunteers.

The UB English department’s Exhibit X Fiction Series will feature Jackson on Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. 

The series works with the university and the community to provide writers with the opportunity to showcase their work. 

Before each event, Christina Milletti, associate professor of English and a coordinator of the series, hosts a reception in her home for the speakers and students.

The reading is free and will be followed by a Q&A session, which is also open to the public. 


Buffalo local hurt in fall at Glen Park takes steps to sue

Rhashan Dunston, a 46-year-old resident of Buffalo’s East Side, had his lawyer take steps to initiate a lawsuit with the Town of Amherst and the Village of Williamsville over recent injuries he sustained at Glen Park, according to The Buffalo News.

Dunston said he slipped on a section of the walkway next to Glen Falls covered by loose rock and sediment. With no warning signs in place, Dunston landed on his neck and rolled approximately six feet to the bottom of the slope.

Dunston said he lost consciousness but when he regained it, he experienced severe pain.

He said he is still experiencing significant pain, citing frequent muscle spasms and numbness in the left side of his body.

Nonprofit buys school in North Tonawanda to establish low-income housing

People Inc., a nonprofit in Amherst, purchased a former elementary school in North Tonawanda for $625,000. They intend to use the property to offer housing for low-income families and disabled people, according to The Buffalo News.

The school was closed for approximately four years, but a number of companies leased it before the sale.

People Inc. intends to turn the building into 52 apartments, with rates ranging from $545 to $825 a month depending on apartment size.

There will be 44 single-bedroom and eight two-bedroom units offered, which are anticipated to be available to the public by early 2020.

The capital for the $16.6 million overhaul is coming from property tax breaks, the sale of $4.29 million worth of tax credits to Evans Bank and Northwest Bank and a roughly $10 million loan provided by Evans Bank.


‘Saturday Night Live’ features congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw
 To commemorate Veterans Day, “Saturday Night Live” brought congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw onto the show where he and Pete Davidson engaged in a back-and-forth dialogue. Last week, Davidson was criticized for mocking the appearance of Crenshaw, a Navy SEAL who lost his right eye while in Afghanistan, according to CNN.
 Last week, Davidson appeared in the “SNL” skit “Weekend Update” where he formally apologized, labelling Crenshaw as a “war hero” who “deserves all the respect in the world.” 

Crenshaw used his appearance as a teaching moment for all watching after joking with Davidson.
 “It’s a good time for every American to connect with a veteran,” he said. “Maybe say ‘thanks for your service.’ But I would actually encourage you to say something else. Tell a veteran, ‘never forget.’”

California Wildfires kill at least 23, more than 100 missing

Extreme wildfires have destroyed nearly the entire city of Paradise, leaving at least 23 dead, according to CBS News. 

The fire began on Thursday and has destroyed more than 6,700 structures, making it the most destructive wildfire in California history. Authorities are searching for more than 100 people who are still missing as of Sunday. 

Firefighters have their hands full as they’re battling fires on both sides of the state. Malibu’s 70,000-acre Woolsey Fire ravaged mansions and suburbs in Southern California’s hills and canyons. 

Along with the hill fire, which is also burning in Southern California, more than 250,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. 


Khashoggi’s alleged final words reported by a Turkish journalist

A senior Turkish reporter told Al Jazeera what Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi said right before his death.

Nazif Karaman from the Daily Sabah said that Khashoggi’s last words were “I’m suffocating. Take this bag off my head, I’m claustrophobic,” according to an audio recording taken from inside the Saudi consulate. Karaman said the murder lasted for seven minutes. He has also reported that the floor was covered with plastic bags before Khashoggi’s body was dismembered.

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that audio related of the journalist’s death was shared with Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Saudi Arabia said that 18 people have been arrested in connection with the murder.

Latest Ebola virus outbreak in the Congo is said to be the worst

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is facing another outbreak of the Ebola virus, according to BBC. The health ministry calls it the worst outbreak of Ebola in the history of the country.

Health minister Oly Ilunga said there have been a registered 198 deaths so far, out of 319 confirmed cases. About 25,000 have been vaccinated in hopes to counter the outbreak.

According to the national health authority, half of the victims come from the city of Beni, located in the North Kivu region. The city has a population of 800,000.

This is the 10th outbreak of Ebola in the Congo.

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