Picture perfect: Buffalo’s most Instagram-worthy foods


Every foodie knows just how important it is to take the perfect picture of a beautiful meal before diving in. Instagram serves as a forum for these food photos; a space to show off your delicious eats. Here are some places around Buffalo that offer food worth photographing.

Lloyd Taco Factory

Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

Everything from Lloyd looks divine, from the margaritas to the tacos. The Buffalo restaurant developed from a very successful food truck business and continues to grow in popularity – another storefront will open in Williamsville soon. Lloyd tops almost all of its dishes with locally-sourced veggies and unique sauce drizzles, which provides an otherwise plain taco with a fresh zesty, twist and a unique aesthetic perfect for Instagram likes.

Mooney’s Sports Bar and Grill

Military Road, Buffalo

Mooney’s might look like your average sports bar from the outside, but one peek at its menu will change your mind. The restaurant specializes in a variety of unique mac and cheese options like taco and buffalo. Each dish is served in an oval ivory skillet and is topped with a thick layer of oven-baked, melty cheddar.

Duff’s Famous Wings

Sheridan Drive, Amherst

Duff’s, a classic addition to the Buffalo-Niagara area, serves wings that look as good as they taste. The restaurant is known for having the most authentic chicken wings in Buffalo, but the hype goes farther than the variety of flavors. The glowing orange sauce makes the wings look just as hot and spicy as they taste and the black bowls served alongside them provide a great contrast for amateur photographers.

Fuji Grill

Maple Road, Buffalo

If you’re looking for something classier than a night of order-in Japanese, Fuji Grill is the place to go. The restaurant has everything from perfectly arranged sushi with ripples of unique seasoning to traditional Japanese dishes like sushi and hibachi. The sushi dishes are displayed in small wooden boats, or on pedestals with multiple tiers. The restaurant’s pineapple fried rice is displayed inside of a fresh pineapple and topped with purple flowers. Bonus: Fuji’s lunch specials are budget friendly – only $7.50 for two rolls of sushi and $10.50 for three.

Ashker’s Juice Bar and Cafe

Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo

Elmwood is arguably the most hipster part of Buffalo and offers unique street art and an array of small shops for anything from coffee to tattoos. Ashker’s is a small cafe that’s great for brunch and serves delicious fresh-pressed juices and smoothies. The funky colors of its juices and the mason jars they’re served in give anyone the opportunity for a cute, trendy post.

Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Niagara Falls Boulevard, Amherst

A classic soft-serve cone is hard to find these days; crazy dessert trends like consumable cookie dough and huge elaborate milkshakes are taking over the nation. For the ice cream purists out there, Anderson’s makes the perfect twist on a cone, with tons of toppings to choose from. Its perfect flavoring complements the shop’s simplicity and the restaurant offers a variety of cones, like its chocolate-dipped waffle cone and cookie cone.

Lindsay Gilder is the features desk editor and can be reached at Lindsay.gilder@ubspectrum.com