Dress to impress

A fashionable winter in Buffalo


Though difficult to admit, winter is officially here in Buffalo. The semester’s freezing cold temperatures and snow-covered grounds has been an unpleasant change from the 60-degree weather that graced December.

As the weather continues to change it means that it is time to fully break out the oftentimes dreaded winter wardrobe consisting of baggy sweatpants and unflattering sweatshirts. It’s easy to turn to these items as your solution to stay warm but it is important to keep in mind that you can still be fashionable while also bearing the winter cold.

Even though some of the most “on trend” items for this winter were seen on the runway during Fashion Week attached to hefty price tags, it doesn’t mean that some of these items can’t be found for half the price.

Below is a list of some of the most popular items to have in your closet this winter and where to find some of them for a price that wont break your budget.

Faux shearling coats and sweater vests

Theses items can be found everywhere this season. Bloomingdale’s carries these items with price tags over $100 but there are many other places where you can find these items for just the right price. Where a coat or vest with a colored plaid shirt or even your favorite basic quarter sleeve tee to spice up your outfit. Common colors to find these coats and vests in are black, ivory and camel.

Where to find for less: Macy’s and Target.

Oversized blanket scarves

Oversized blanket scarves are the next most trending item this winter. These scarves keep you warm, comfortable and trendy – what more could you ask for? Throw one of these colored or patterned scarves over a down winter jacket or even a leather jacket for a laid-back look.

Where to find for less: H&M and Target.

Fleece sweaters and vests from Patagonia

Fleece sweaters and vests are the most popular items out for men this winter. These items from Patagonia take being comfortable to a whole new level and can also be dressed up with the right pair of jeans and boots. Though a bit more on the expensive side, with this brand you are paying for the quality fleece you will receive. At various different retailers you can find imitation items but you really will not find a better quality item if you stray away from Patagonia.

Cowl-neck sweater for women

A cowl-neck sweater is a spin on the common turtleneck and can be found everywhere and anywhere in all different styles and colors. The oversized neck provides a flattering look while also retaining heat.

Where to find for less: Forever 21 and Nordstrom Rack.

Bean Boots

By far the most popular item for both men and women this winter are Bean Boots made by L.L. Bean. These boots have become so popular that they have sold out completely multiple times this season. L.L. Bean sources all of their boots here in the United States and each boot is made by hand one at a time. Bean Boots come in all different colors and can be worn all winter long keeping you warm in snow or rain.

As the weather continues to drop and the snow continues to fall, pick up some of the most popular items for keeping warm and staying on trend this winter.

Georgiana Franks is a features staff writer. Features desk can be reached at features@ubspectrum.com.