UB Fashion Student Association holds speed dating

Students show up well dressed and ready to finesse


Think you could meet your next girlfriend or boyfriend in three minutes or less?

Students showed up well dressed and ready to finesse for the Fashion Student Association’s (FSA) speed dating event Thursday night. Randomized pairs had three minutes to get to know one another and find a potential connection.

“We wanted to open this up to a bigger audience,” said Anyssa Evelyn, the creative director of the FSA and a freshman occupational therapy major. “We didn’t just want fashion students here. We wanted to show people that not all of our events are fashion shows or have to do with clothes, we do other things too.”

The event took place in the Student Union, where tables were decorated with candles and rose petals to set the mood. Dimmed lights and fun music also helped to relax participants into talking to their partners.

KG Omobomi, a senior sociology and business major, said that though they set up the event in half an hour, it took about a month to plan.

“We had the idea because ‘cuffing season’ is approaching so we thought it would be fun,” Omobomi said. “It took a while to organize but it seemed like a good idea, we’re hoping a lot of people come.”

Many people came looking their best, wearing dresses or nice hats to show off their style. Others came straight from class, donning backpacks and looking to make more casual conversation.

While some struggled to make conversation, others were just interested in casual conversation and checking out the event.

“One of my friends told me about the event,” said Rosanna Pagan-Aleman, a behavioral neuroscience graduate student. “I’m not part of the FSA but I figured I’d check it out.”

To help out the dating process, cards with questions were placed at each station. Questions included “what’s your favorite season,” “what’s your zodiac sign,” and “Coke or Pepsi” were just a few of the ice-breakers.

Some felt that the three-minute limit wasn’t enough time and protested when the e-board members called for everyone to switch.

Also included at each station were call cards, so that no one felt compelled to give out their number. In order to ask for someone’s number, participants had to give up theirs as well.

“I’ve never been to speed-dating before, so I wanted to try it,” said Luz Vargas, a chemical engineering graduate student. “I’m not looking for anything really, just here to have fun.”

Once the speed dating was finished, members of the FSA e-board tallied who received the most phone numbers.

Once they had finished, there was a small social with food and music so participants could speak to anyone they missed the first time around.

“I’m mostly here to support the FSA,” said Charles D’Onigbinde, a senior chemistry major. “It was a fun event and I’m happy I came. I spoke to all the girls I was put in front of, and it was a nice time.”

Though most there were just looking to meet new people and have a good time, there’s always a chance that a potential new relationship will blossom.

Tori Roseman is the senior features editor and can be reached at tori.roseman@ubspectrum.com.