Best off-campus study areas

Places to get some quiet time away from the distractions of campus


When campus study areas become packed during exams, UB isn’t the only place to curl up with a textbook, highlighter and flashcards. Take a drive to any of these places around campus for a change of scenery and some peace and quiet. Because everyone knows Capen isn’t always a silent study.

The Audubon Public Library

This library is minutes away from UB’s North Campus and one of the best places to study and buy books during book sales. It has great homey study areas and amazingly wide windows. It’s quiet and has an old romantic feel to it. Coffee and candy bars are sold for $1. The Amherst Public Library Audubon Branch is located at 350 John J Audubon Parkway.

The Eastern Hills Mall

The mall is generally quiet on weekdays and has great seating areas to put your feet up and read. You shouldn’t worry about getting hungry because there is great coffee and food available around you. The best part of studying in a mall is whenever you get tired, you can take a break by shopping. You won’t feel like you are spending all day reading your textbook. The Eastern Hills Mall is located at 4545 Transit Road in Williamsville.

Barnes & Noble

This chic bookstore is located on 4401 Transit Road and offers nice study areas, yummy treats and Starbucks. Best of all, the store is huge and organized. You can grab some coffee and find a favorite nook to study in. If you get bored, or want to procrastinate at any point, then you can check out the store’s extensive collection of books.

Empty classrooms

OK, I realize this is not really an off-campus option, but trust me when I say finding an empty classroom, usually in Clemens, is one of the best study areas. You claim it as your own for a few hours, when it is unoccupied (usually there are a lot of rooms that are empty). If you just want to be alone or study with one or two friends, then this option is great.

Go outside

Whenever the weather is nice, take advantage of it. Don’t stay inside a library and forget to appreciate how beautiful this campus can be. Take advantage of the positive effect good weather can have on your mindset. Find a nice empty picnic table and park yourself there with your books.

Tim Hortons in Getzville

This Tim Hortons is located at 2290 Millersport Highway, just a few minutes away from UB’s North Campus. It has a great staff and great coffee. This spot is for the students that study until the wee hours of the morning. There are plenty of places to sit and the surrounding foliage offers wonderful scenery.