What's in and what's out: Spring edition

The Spectrum

The change from snow to - well, melting snow - in Buffalo causes many changes on campus.

For one, students with seasonal depression will be wearing more smiles than shivers and frowns. Starbucks orders will transform from hot chocolates and hot vanilla lattes to iced passion tea lemonades and the new Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers. Delta Sonic car-wash lines will become huge and you'll see shinier cars around campus. Student homes and dorms will begin to smell less like mold and more like Windex because spring-cleaning season is in.

The most evident changes on campus, though, will be the outfits people are wearing. Sweatshirts, "hipster glasses," leggings and hats are on their way out and crop tops, floral print skirts, funky headbands and sunglasses are creeping in.

This will be the first in a series of spring fashion columns I'm presenting. From trendy sunglasses to different types of prints, I'll show you the roads to a funky spring closet.

Every so often, I'll show you photos of what's in and what's out season-wise and fashion-wise. Other times, I'll share cool outfits I spy out at night or around campus. I'll also discuss nails, hair, shoes and the attitude that should come with certain outfits.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, reach me at keren.baruch@ubspectrum.com. If you have spring outfits you'd like to share with the UB community, send 'em over! I'd love to steal new outfit ideas from the readers out there and maybe even feature you in a column.

email: keren.baruch@ubspectrum.com