DIY holiday treats

Easy recipes that will impress your relatives

The Spectrum

The holidays are finally upon us. There's no denying it anymore; they've come right through the door and smacked us in the face. And what's the best part about going home for the holidays? Mom's home cooking. You never thought you'd miss it, but you do.

So, you're probably going to go home, throw on your sweatpants and sit in the kitchen while you're fed all the home goodies that you've missed over the past couple of months.

What about surprising your mom? Why not bring her home a tasty treat, or whip her something up while she's relaxing? These recipes are super quick, easy and, most importantly, cheap - so you've got no excuse.

You know those fancy truffles you can buy at Godiva? Don't bother. Make your own. They are the easiest things to roll up and they'll easily impress people.

You will need:

1.5 cups 70 percent dark chocolate

125 milliliters double cream

2 tablespoons butter

1 pinch of salt

1 large handful of hazelnuts

1 bowl of cocoa powder


Break your chocolate into chunks and place it in a bowl. Then, gently heat your cream on the stove until it begins to boil and add butter. Take the cream and butter off the heat and quickly pour it over the chocolate chunks and leave for a few minutes. After a few minutes resting, fold together the mixture until it is mixed thoroughly - cover and leave in the fridge for two to three hours.

Place the hazelnuts and cocoa powder in separate bowls.

After the mixture has set, begin to mold the truffles. Take a teaspoon of the mixture and quickly roll it in your hands to form a ball shape. Next roll it in either the hazelnuts or the cocoa powder.

Place them in the fridge until you're ready to eat - and you're done.

This next recipe will be perfect to throw together while you're watching a movie by the fire. Now, I know s'mores hold all the memories of summer - camp, long nights, late mornings and campfires. But the 's'moreo' is here to fill the gap before the sun comes back into our lives.

You will need:

A packet of Oreos

A large bar of your favorite chocolate

A large bag of marshmallows


You know how to make s'mores - just do the same thing here. Split your Oreo in half. Then gently and carefully roast your marshmallow over a crackling fire. When it's nice and gooey, and looks as if it's about to fall of your skewer, slip it between the two Oreo halves. Stuff two chunks of chocolate in with the marshmallow quickly, so that it melts off the residual heat. And that's it, the perfect holiday movie snack.

These recipes are so easy, you could rope your younger siblings or relatives into giving you help in the kitchen. The holidays are all about family, right? If you're feeling more adventurous, both these recipes get better with a kick of chili. Just sprinkle a little dried chili onto the Oreo base of the s'moreo's or add about three pinches into the truffle mix. Change them up to suit your taste buds. And most importantly, have a happy holiday.