The many bests of the Queen City - Spectrum picks

The Spectrum

Best margarita

Cantina Loco in Allentown is where you can find the best margarita in Buffalo. A glass for $6 or a pitcher for $28 is a great price for a flavorful taste of tequila. Between house, spicy, smokey and seasonal, Cantina Loco lovers rave about the fresh varieties of margaritas. The deep-orange beverage in the v-shaped glass adds spice and fun to any dinner or chips and guacamole appetizer.

Location:191 Allen Street

Best place to get liquor

Premier Wine & Spirits on Maple Road is the best place to shop for liquor. Premier is the elite liquor store in Buffalo because of its prices, rebate deals, size and selection.

"Premier was one of the first stores in New York State to discount liquor, to discount wine, to advertise exact prices and to offer a large selection of imported wines," store's website states.

Hundreds of wine brands and flavors are featured in the first three aisles of the store. The last few aisles offer hard liquor, often sold for a few dollars cheaper than the average liquor store with a 'Premier card.' On certain weeks, different bottles of wine are on sale for $4 and mixes, such as Bloody Mary, tequila sunrise andpi?+/-a colada, are sold for half price.

Location: 3900 Maple Road

Best gym

The best gym in Buffalo is the Buffalo Athletic Club (BAC). The BAC has eight different club locations: Downtown, Southtowns, Eastern Hills, Boulevard Mall, Colvin, Evans, French and Union Road.

Each club is kept clean, smells good and features a variety of exercise machines. The club offers many classes starting at 6 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m. on weekdays and 12 p.m. on weekends. The classes are always filled, and instructors have energy and talent, which actually encourage gym-goers to work hard for results. The personal trainers are knowledgeable and always willing to measure and weigh those interested in understanding fitness progress.

The best part of the gym is the sauna features in each locker room. The sauna is dry and helps to cleanse the body of toxins after a good workout. The clubs also have vending machines of protein bars and snacks, and some have tanning beds.

Best coffee

Usually, people associate Wegmans with organic fruits and veggies and a large selection of bulk nuts and chocolates. The best iced coffee, however, can be found in Wegmans' food court.

From hazelnut and French vanilla to 'Jamaican Me Crazy' and Southern Comfort, the coffee bean flavors are filled with taste. The coffee doesn't taste too syrupy, like Dunkin and Starbucks iced coffee often do. At Wegmans you're able to put as much or as little coffee, milk and sweetener in your cup because workers give you an empty cup with ice and let you make your beverage as you please. There's soymilk, skim milk, whole milk and two percent milk to choose from.

Prices of coffee range from $1.96 to $2.96, depending on size. The coffee isn't too bitter or sweet; it beats all other coffees in Buffalo.

Best fast food truck

Lloyd's Taco Truck is Buffalo's best fast food truck. Traveling from Niagara University near the Dwyer Arena, to the First Niagara Center, to Main and Mohawk Streets, the Home Improvement Center Plaza on Sheridan and Niagara Falls Boulevard and more, the truck serves many people around the UB community.

Tacos and nachos are $2.75; burritos are $6.50 and drinks are $1.50, leaving Mexican-food lovers able to buy cheap meals on the go.

Best ice cream

Parkside Candy on Main Street offers the greatest ice cream in Buffalo. This underrated shop often looks like it's closed, but upon entering the doors it is evident that delicious treats are created in this castle-like store.

Bunches of candies are displayed, from dark chocolate patties and peanut butter covered nuts, to fudge and candy clusters. The store satisfies almost anybody's sweet-tooth cravings. The best part of Parkside, though, is its delicious ice cream. The mint chocolate chip and the Reese's peanut butter cup are the top two best flavors.

Location: 3208 Main Street

Best beef on weck

Kelly's Korner on Delaware Avenue is the best place in Buffalo to get a deliciously filling beef on weck. The staff members generously add sizeable amounts of beef to the sandwiches, so customers leave full and satisfied.

The dive offers a sandwich and a beer for $6. At Kelly's Korner, customers get quality beef on weck for a low price, good service and a cozy atmosphere.

Location: 2526 Delaware Ave.

Best place to apple pick

Blackman Homestead Farm is the best place to apple pick in the Buffalo area. From mid-September through early November, apple lovers can go to the farms and enjoy fields of apple trees.

For 75 cents a pound, apple-pickers can purchase all of the fruits they've collected and can even taste them for free before paying. Blackman Homestead Farm sells jams and ciders in a small hut in the center of the fields, as well as popcorn, squash and other treats. There are haystacks for children to run and play on and for cute family photos, and there are animals in cages for people to watch and pet.

Location: 4472 Thrall Road, Lockport

Best hungover breakfast

The best place to grab breakfast after a night out on the town is Family Tree. If you get there before 11 a.m., you'll be in time for the incredibly cheap breakfast special, which ranges between $4 and $7.

The French fries are crispy and greasy enough to rid the most brutal hangover, and the omelets are large and filling. A side of chocolate milk is always the go-to move, but if you're more of a coffee fan, the service is quick and the coffee pots are always refilled before you're ready for your second cup.

Location: 4346 Bailey Ave.

Best breakfast

Break'n Eggs Creperie in Williamsville is one of Buffalo's hidden gems. The breakfast and brunch menu offers crepes filled with Nutella, bananas, strawberries and more, as well as poached and scrambled eggs with a side of fruit. The poached eggs are cooked perfectly every time, never with a yolk that's too runny or too dried up.

If you don't believe Break'n Eggs lovers on just how tasty the food is, look up the location on Instagram for a look of other breakfast lovers' meals. You can get elaborate flavors of crepes, such as steak goat cheese and blueberry, as well as simple ones like plain apple or caramel. The large menu makes it a good choice for large families and both adventurous and picky eaters.

Location: 5235 Main Street