Buffalo's premium bars for students offer different types of appeal

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Some of Buffalo's bars, particularly Mojo's and Northside near South Campus, have recently closed their doors, but not all of the city's gems are gone. Here's a breakdown of the best bars the City of Good Neighbors has to offer UB students.

Best theme

How many bars do you know that can pull off the urban-saloon style?

The Steer is a saloon and restaurant package that provides an old-western feel to a modern Main Street.

Located on 3151 Main St., just down the street from South Campus, it's a great place to relax with friends. The venue is decorated in hardwood flooring and rustic and western-themed decorations; it is accented with the smells of frying foods and sounds of clinking glasses.
"We're a good time," said Jeff Martz, the manager of the bar. "We're the place to be on South Campus."

The Steer has been around since 1960 and with its age comes maturity. This is the kind of place to which you could take your parents or significant other for dinner or early drinks without worrying about the entourage of hormone-induced, sweaty drunkards.

On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, the tone of the bar changes. As one of the final bars remaining near campus, students flock to Main Street, and the line can extend as far back as 50 people waiting to get in. The Steer fills up with a lot of Greek Life students who are looking to party.

It's hard to spend a night at The Steer over the weekend and not run into someone you know. The vibe is usually friendly and energetic.
Instead of the usual party scene, The Steer adopts a more reserved manner during the normal weeknights. People come to watch a game and have a good time, Martz explains.

Best cheap sports bar

If you're looking for something sportier, cheaper and closer to North Campus, maybe it's time to check out The U.

Perhaps you've seen The U advertised on fliers for the Schussmeisters Ski Club's Fifth Season Festival in the lecture halls. That should clue you into the atmosphere of this bar. It's jam-packed with sports fans and athletes and is increasing in popularity.

Game time or any time, The U has great specials and events to offer - trivia, weekly drink specials and happy-hour discounts. The U offers "Ladies Night," which involves more drink specials ($2 drinks, according to its Facebook page) and a lively scene.

Next time you're looking for a place to watch the game because one of your dorm or suite mates has decided that the Hallmark Channel is more important, skedaddle down to The U.

Best social scene

Have you heard about The Library?

I'm not talking Capen Hall - I'm talking about the pub.

The Library has been around for two years and is located at 4224 Maple Road in Amherst. Recently, it switched over to a new owner, Vincent Lesh, who said business has been good.

"It's a cool place to hang out," Lesh said.

The Library is a multi-venue establishment that offers great entertainment to students. The Iris and the Forum are locations of great concerts and music shows that feature an assortment of artists.

The Library is geared toward entertainment, Lesh explained. Upcoming events include: trivia nights on Tuesdays; open-mic nights on Wednesdays; karaoke on Thursdays; and Ish Kabbible, a music duo, will perform in the Iris Room Oct. 10.

"It's primarily concerts, but we do a lot of theater and charity functions," Lesh said.

The Library also offers a softer vibe with its background of decorative bookshelves and books. The pub offers 50 different draft beers and several places to sit and talk.

Whether a social scene, a sports bar, or the best themed, bars are an important part of college life. They're a place for recreation, relaxation and socialization. All of these bars are a great middle ground between alcoholic fun for those old enough to drink and lively entertainment for those who are not yet old enough.

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