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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Follow me and everything is all right

A rundown of some of the best UB Twitter accounts


This popular Twitter account enables UB students to anonymously confess their love for other students or professors.

After a UB student noticed other schools with "hilarious crush Twitters," this user searched for a UB crush page and after not finding anything, UB Crushes was born. The manager of the account never expected it to get so popular so quickly.

"I love the confessions about being too shy to talk to someone because they are too pretty or too handsome," the manager said. "They are so adorable. Honestly, some other posts are just downright gross."

When this manager graduates, the account will be passed onto a prot?(c)g?(c)e "so the crushes can keep being confessed."

Favorite Tweet:"The Tweets with the sexual play on words are hilarious. Especially this one: 'Sean from edgy veggie can toss my salad any day.'"


For two years, this Twitter account has been an outlet for students to voice their complaints and squabbles with any aspect of UB. The userwanted to "create an anonymous Twitter that voiced opinions, both funny and real, that students share."

At first, only one person ran the whole account, but recently, the original manager has recruited others to help out. The team is still looking for members to take on the account because of the many submissions it receives each day. Although the current head of the account is a senior, "Just like the geese [on campus], @UB_Problems will not be leaving anytime soon."

Favorite Tweet: "Welcome back to the place where the geese love to roam, the line for coffee is endless and finding an open outlet is like winning the lotto."


This account is for the students who enjoy sassy tweets complete with brutal honesty and attitude. The manager started the account to voice her "awful and judgmental things [she] is constantly thinking and as a way to complain ceaselessly about the ridiculous things that go on at this institution."

These things include annoying professors, awkward social situations and various student activities. She has been training a "little betch" to run the account after she graduates and hopes the tweets will keep coming for years.

Favorite Tweet:"My dream is for Beyonc?(c) to hold Blue Ivy up like Simba as Destiny's Child sings the Circle of Life."


This Twitter account is where UB students go to confess their dirty desires, lustful crushes and sinful secrets. Students can go to the account's profile page and anonymously submit whatever they wish to announce to the UB Twitter population.

It was started on a whim to see what people would say. The two UB students who run the account never imagined it would become so popular. The owners hope to pass on the account after they graduate to continue allowing students to confess their sins.

Favorite Tweet:"My neighbors were having loud sex at 2 a.m. and the girl yelled, 'get yo' d*** out my a**!' Then I yelled, 'That's not what you said to the last guy!'"


For those who have experienced "the game show bus," this Twitter account is well known. Pastor Parker, also known around UB as the coolest bus driver ever, Tweets the word of the day, an inspirational thought and general updates about his life and wellbeing.

By following this user, you may have a better shot at catching "the game show bus" and adding some excitement to your day.




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