College in a word: senior shapshots

Emily Bradley (Change)

After graduation, Emily Bradley will be going into ESL education and working to pay off her student loans. At UB, her favorite memory is getting to know her professors in the English Department on a personal level. She will miss them and "being and feeling young" after she graduates. She wants underclassmen "not to be afraid of change" during their time as students.

Gagandipi 'Gagan' Singh (Binary)

Gagandipi Singh, the director of UBTV, chose "binary" to represent his four years at UB because he feels it represents the two lives he has here: music and computer science. He considers himself both an extrovert and an introvert, depending on what he is doing. He entered college more of an introvert, but by surrounding himself with unique people, he has come out of his comfort zone and has become more of an extrovert.

Singh fell into music producing and recording a year and three months ago because he "was decent and entered a contest." Now after graduation, he plans to "get rich quickly." He advises underclassmen to "only go back to your room to sleep."

Chris LaForge (Winning)

College has taught Chris Laforge to have "a winning attitude" regarding all aspects of his life. He has learned to "do what you want and to just go get it." After graduation, he will be working at a media firm in New York City.

Although he has too many memories to choose the best one, he will always look back at his time at UB and remember exploring the campus at night during his sophomore year.

"If there is something you want to do, don't hesitate because anything is possible," LaForge said.

Rachel Gaydosh (Adventure)

Rachel Gaydosh chose "adventure" to represent her four years at UB because she did things during college she didn't expect to do and didn't know she wanted to do, such as studying abroad in London.

She loved her time studying sociology overseas, but her favorite memories from college came from her time leading Active Minds, an organization she helped bring to UB that is focused on working to eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental health on college campuses.

After graduation, Gaydosh is pursuing her master's in social work.

Marley Mandelaro (Improvise)

Marley Mandelaro's favorite memory of her time at UB is when she directed the play From the Wings during spring 2011. It was during this play that she "found her strength as a performer and a director."

That was one reason she picked "improvise" as the one word to describe her time at UB. Mandelaro hopes to be a comedian one day. So far, she has used improvisation to help her get through tough times and as a form of comedy in her life.

After graduation, she is moving to Chicago, where she will be studying acting in general at The Second City, a school of improvisation.

Stefano Verdesoto (Power)

Stefano Verdesoto thinks being in college gave him power - not just academic power, but power that makes him able to do a lot more with his life.

Verdesoto is staying at UB in the student affairs administration program. He hopes to one day be an academic adviser at UB because he loves everything about UB and wants to help students.

He has had the most fun his senior year because he figured out college was all about time management, and he was able to have fun and do well at the same time.

Katie Searing (Journey)

Katie Searing believes life is a journey. She plans on traveling after graduation to a variety of countries, such as Singapore, to gain experience and see the world.

Her favorite aspect of college is that she was able to discover herself and accomplish everything she wanted during her four years - including studying abroad in London.

Alisa Li (Wisdom)

Alisa Li chose wisdom to sum up her college career because, in addition to what she has learned in class, she has learned about herself. Li hasn't decided if she wants to go to medical school or continue with research after she graduates.

Her favorite part of college was working in Student Life, where she met her closest friends and made some of her best memories. Her advice to underclassman is to "do the things you want to do without regret."