A Comprehensive Guide on Where to Live Next Year

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It happens every year. Emails flood students' inboxes, assuring them that living on campus is the best decision, or reminding them to hurry up and sign a lease with the Villas.
The decision regarding where to live in the next academic year is something that students stress over for months ahead of time. But with deadlines approaching, it's time to make a decision.
Dorm Life is a popular choice amongst undergraduate students who choose not to commute. All residence halls are located on campus and closest to the action on campus. Every resident receives a desk, a dresser, a lamp, an extra long twin bed, a nightstand, wireless Internet, a cable connection, and a wardrobe or closet in the room when he or she moves in.
Ellicott Complex
Ellicott Complex is the largest out of all the dorms on campus. With six residence quadrangles, including Fargo, Red Jacket, Richmond, Spaulding, Porter, and Wilkinson, the complex is able to hold the most students.
The rooms are all priced differently, depending on how many people are living there: a single is $7,556, a double is $6,540, a triple is $6,230 and a quad is $5,624 for the upcoming 2012-13 school year, according to ub-housing.buffalo.edu.
Greiner Hall
Also considered a part of Ellicott Complex is the 1-year-old Greiner Hall. This "green" sophomore-only dorm is home to 600 students. While living here is more costly - $7,312 for a double and $8,445 for a single per academic year - there are many more perks.
Every student is given an extra-long twin bed, a desk, a chair, a nightstand and one flexible dresser, which can be styled as the resident pleases. Instead of lamps, there are lighting fixtures built into the wall. Each room is a double and designed in suite style, with all four people sharing and cleaning their own bathroom.
Governors Complex
Equipped with four halls - Roosevelt, Clinton, Dewy and Lehman - Governors is an alternative dorm. Roosevelt is reserved for freshmen in the Honors program, but the rest of Governors is available to any student in any year. Located closest to the academic buildings, it is priced the same as Ellicott dorms. Other advantages include: a printing center, a gym, and a dining hall.
Clement Hall
Home to first-year students, transfer students, and upper-class students, this South Campus residence hall houses students who live in suite-style double rooms connected by a bathroom. Also located in the residence hall is the Clement Pool Room that comes equipped with an HDTV, two pool tables and a quiet study lounge. Students could also opt to pay to stay here over the breaks because Clement is considered a "break hall."
Goodyear Hall
Located on South Campus, this residence hall is reserved for first-year students. These rooms are designed as a suite style with two people in each room connected by a shared bathroom. Each floor has two lounges, a kitchen, and a laundry room. Other perks of this South Campus dwelling include: a 10th-floor lounge open to students during designated hours, a fitness center, a dining hall, and a convenience store.
The On-Campus Apartments
Students who want the convenience of living on campus but are tired of dorm life, should look into the apartments. Students could opt to live in Flint Village, Hadley Village, South Lake Village, Creekside Village, or Flickinger Court. Each of these apartments contains a private living room and a private kitchen.
Flint Village apartments, located at the main campus entrance, are open to undergraduate upperclassmen, graduate students, and professional students. There are four different styles available, from four bedrooms to one bedroom, averaging $701 a month for a 12-month lease. Each apartment is available fully furnished with utilities included.
Hadley Village apartments, located close to the Academic Spine, are open to upper class undergraduate students only. The only layouts possible are four-bedroom and two-bathroom apartments available for a 10 or 12 month lease, $602 a month for 12 months and $683 a month for 10 months. These apartments are fully furnished and come with utilities included.
South Lake Village apartments, located on the shore of Lake LaSalle, are home to undergraduate upperclassmen, graduate students and professional students. Available designs include a four-bedroom and two-bathroom, two-bedrooms and one-bathroom, one-bedroom and one-bathroom, and a studio apartment. The price averages at $744 per month for a 12-month lease. The four-bedroom style is the only one available for a 10-month lease, for $699.
Creekside Village apartments, one of the only green housing complexes at UB, is open to graduate and professional students only. The apartments are arranged as a two bedroom with one-and-a-half baths as a two-story townhouse, or a two-bedroom with one bathroom as a one-story home. Each unit is equipped with a washer and dryer, and is available for 12 or 24 months for $771 per month.
Flickinger Court, located in the town of Amherst, is designated to graduate students, professional students, students with families, and faculty. These apartments are the only on-campus apartments that don't include furniture or utilities in the 12- or 24-month lease. Paying an average of $558 per month, these apartments do include a washer and a dryer in the apartment. The styles are the same as Creekside Village.
Off-Campus Apartments
These apartments are located around Buffalo and offer some variety to the living situation on campus. The lack of strict rules and policies are appealing to some students. For example, students are able to live with people of the opposite sex, or with students from other local schools, considering the off-campus apartments aren't solely for UB students.
Collegiate Village
Collegiate Village, located six minutes from South Campus and 10 minutes from North Campus, offers studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments. Per person, the price ranges from $540 per month to $925 per month, depending on the design of the apartment. However, this price includes hot water, Internet, cable, parking, laundry machines, and a gym. In each of these apartments, there are lockable bedrooms and a private bathroom. These apartments come fully furnished with full-size beds, a living room, a kitchen, a washer and a dryer.
University Village at Sweethome
Located on 283 American Campus Drive, these apartments are only a couple minutes away from North Campus. The available layouts of these apartments include four bedrooms, two bedrooms, and one bedroom. The price per person ranges from $649 a month to $954 a month for a 12-month lease depending on which apartment you choose to live in. Each person also has to pay a $200 deposit fee and a $35 application fee. Each bedroom in the apartment has its own bathroom and includes utilities and furniture. Also available to residences of Sweethome is a shuttle that transports the students to campus as well as a movie room, a fitness center, a pool, poker tables, and free tanning.
Villas at Chestnut Ridge
Apartments are designed in four different ways. They vary from a four bedroom with four-and-a-half bathrooms, which is three floors to a one-bedroom and one-bathroom studio apartment. They are priced ranging from $699 to $959 per person, per month for a 12-month lease. Each person also has to pay a $200 deposit fee and a $35 application fee. Each of these apartments comes with private bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a washer, and a dryer. As a resident, students can enjoy a private shuttle to campus and a fitness, computer, and recreation center.
Villas on Rensch
These brand new apartments are in the process of being built and plan to open in time for the Fall 2012 semester. Only one style is available - a four-bedroom with four bathrooms, two-story apartment for $699 a month. Each person also has to pay a $200 deposit fee and a $35 application fee. This brand-new, fully furnished housing option offers USB power plugs scattered around the apartment as well as walk-in closets. The residents can enjoy the Mac computer center, the multimedia room, the fitness center or free tanning.
University Heights
If students want to live off-campus yet close to South Campus, University Heights is a viable option, for only $250 to $500 per person per month, students interact with private landlords in houses scattered throughout the South Campus neighborhood.

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