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Gather ye rosebuds

05/10/18 6:59am | By Allison Staebell

In a very real way, I owe everything I have to Aaron Sorkin.

For those of you who don’t know, Aaron Sorkin is a screenwriter and director famous for successes like “The West Wing,” “A Few Good Men” and “The Social Network.” He’s got two Golden Globes, an Oscar and five Emmys but for me, his gift to the world were his two lesser-known shows, “Sports Night” and “The Newsroom.” These shows changed my life.


Studying at UB but pledging at Buffalo State was worth it

03/06/16 7:29pm | By Tomas Olivier

Most students at UB don’t want to pledge. And who could blame them? With all the negative media coverage that various organizations have been getting due to hazing allegations and misconduct, some people might truly believe that Greek Life as we know it is plummeting to its ugly and inevitable death.

But for a small group of individuals like me, who while attending classes at UB completed most or all of their process at SUNY Buffalo State or vice versa – the value we attribute to our organization is drastically greater than your average on-campus pledge.


Money talk

Money Talk: Why planting Acorns won’t get you trees

03/02/16 1:31am | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

As people constantly search for the next easy and convenient product, diet or app, they find themselves looking back and wondering why they ever got into a trend.

Recently, people have taken to the spare-change app Acorns, based out of Newport Beach, California, in the hopes of growing their own money trees. Rounding up your change from purchases, the app builds a diversified portfolio managed by the Vanguard and Blackrock investment firms.


Arizona campus preacher walks line between freedom of speech and hate speech

02/28/16 9:25pm | By Editorial Board

Dean Saxton, or “Brother Dean” as he is known on campus, is a resident campus preacher at the University of Arizona, who for years has protested holding signs and voicing among other things that women deserve rape and are to blame for rape because of the way they dress. His antics resurfaced in the news cycle again last week after a student began a petition asking the university to no longer allow Saxton to protest on campus.


South Carolina and Nevada indicative of momentum going into Super Tuesday

02/22/16 2:09am | By Editorial Board

Trump is not leading as much as he used to be – he beat Rubio out by 10 points, with Cruz only behind Rubio by 0.2 percent. The businessman thinks he will face Clinton in the elections and continues to degrade both Cruz and Rubio as eligible candidates. His latest string of outrageous comments includes accusing Rubio of not being fit for presidency. Trump also knocked out Jeb Bush from the race, though it seemed to be a long time coming.


Letter to the editor: UB Student Association e-board asks for separate athletics and recreation fees

02/21/16 7:34pm

Whether it’s a lack of space, intramurals fees, or poor equipment in UB gyms, chances are you have been frustrated by the circumstances surrounding recreation on your campus. Considering each UB undergraduates pays $267.35 each semester towards an Athletics and Recreation fee, of which only 8% is used for recreation (Division I Athletics receives the remaining 92%) we believe students should be provided better recreation services. For the last several months, the Student Association Executive Board has been tirelessly advocating to improve recreation services on our campus. After many meetings with university leadership and the Athletics Department, it is the opinion of the SA Executive Board that recreation fee should be separated and administered by Student Affairs with the goal of establishing a standalone recreation facility within 3 years. We invite you to read our letter to President Tripathi outlining our proposal. If you wish to share your opinions about recreation on our campus or to join our advocacy efforts, please email us at


Kanye all day

02/16/16 7:25pm | By Editorial Board

Kanye as a person and Kanye as an artist are two different people. As an artist, he’s a lyrical mastermind, one of the greatest rappers of our generation and incredibly experimental as both a producer and a writer.


Tori Roseman

Sunday is my first single Valentine's Day since eighth grade - and that's OK

02/14/16 1:51pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

Every year since eighth grade, I’ve had a boyfriend, or something like it, to spend Valentine’s Day with.

I initially didn’t believe this myself, but upon further reflection I realized this year is my first real single Valentine’s Day. This year I’m not even trying to mingle and am spending Valentine’s Day in a completely different way. Besides finishing up homework for the upcoming week, I’m having a superhero movie marathon with my roommate and we’re making dinner together.


The burden without Bearden

02/12/16 12:24am | By QUENTIN HAYNES

On Tuesday, the Buffalo men’s basketball team had its first extended moments without its best player.

The Bulls (14-10, 7-4 Mid-American Conference) dropped a heartbreaker to Toledo 71-69, but the game was merely a backdrop for the larger story: sophomore guard Lamonte Bearden’s absence due to “conduct detrimental to the team.” After the game, head coach Nate Oats said that Bearden was “out indefinitely.”

We’ve already seen the Bulls without Bearden.


Money talk

Money talk: How we lost the understanding of money

02/11/16 11:14pm | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

The concept of money has grown more complex as large amounts of it became quantified electronically, even more so than physical quantities. The problem is complicated further when stocks and other financial assets are added to the equation. The form in which money has now taken no longer meets some of the most basic requisites to be a “good” medium of exchange.


The life and death of ‘Johnny Football’

02/09/16 6:36pm | By MICHAEL AKELSON

Police are investigating an incident in which Manziel allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, and threatened to kill her and himself. Manziel’s father also told the Dallas Morning News that he believes if his son doesn’t get help soon he won’t live to see his 24th birthday.

This is just the latest, and potentially final, development in a story that hasn’t changed at all in four full years, although it continues to darken due to it’s inexplicable monotonousness. It is the story of “Johnny Football,” a character who conned America into thinking he was a better player, and person, than he actually is.


The Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50

02/07/16 2:56pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

I believe that the Carolina Panthers will defeat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. But with this matchup between a rising star in Cam Newton and a potential swan song for one of the greatest of this generation in Peyton Manning, nothing is ever certain.

But I would like to think the Carolina Panthers won the Super Bowl and Cam Newton already dabbed at the 50-yard line as Roger Goodell hands him the game MVP trophy.


The UB Bulls are being built brick by brick

02/07/16 12:37pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

While Lance Leipold was the head coach last year as the recruits came in to Buffalo, there was a perception that those players - a few of them - were holdovers from a class built by the previous regime. So, I wanted to see what Leipold and his staff would do, some of the players and states that would target.

And in the end, there were some trends that I liked from this class and last year’s group of players.