Fall Fest playlist: A quick guide to Young the Giant and Verzache
The Fall Fest Concert Series continues Saturday with its “Indie-Rock Showcase,” the second show of the three-part series.  Rockers Young the Giant –– who headlined Spring Fest 2015 –– will headline the show as relaxed crooner Verzache opens the show. To get hyped up for fest, here’s a list of seven songs (three by Verzache and four by Young the Giant) to familiarize yourself with before heading to the Center for the Arts Saturday night.
DaBaby settles for average on 'KIRK'
In a time when lyrical rappers rarely make the XXL Freshman list, DaBaby was a breath of fresh air. He made a name for himself spitting catchy and smart bars over trendy instrumentals on his 2019 debut record “Baby on Baby,” and through features on some of the biggest records of the year so far.
Why do we give Kanye West so much leeway with album releases?
I woke up on Friday expecting “Jesus is King” to be available on Spotify. Instead, I woke up to various music publications announcing Kanye West’s failure to release on time.
Fall Fest doesn’t matter anymore
UB Fall Fest’s reputation used to extend past the boundaries of campus. Students who attended UB in 2012 had access to see J. Cole, Childish Gambino and French Montana take the stage all in the same night for no cost –– other than the student activity fee that is already part of their bill.
What would the odd say: A conversation with Guerilla Toss’ Kassie Carlson
A backdrop of old VHS tapes and psychedelic visuals set the stage as wild synth patterns clash with violins.  NYC band Guerilla Toss has covered everything from ear-splitting punk to ‘80s synthpop. Its gradual evolution has created a satisfying career arc, but one consistent appeal of the group is vocalist Kassie Carlson. Her singing ranges from high-pitched screams to melodic anthem cries, but she always remains the heart and soul of the band’s personality.