‘The Lighthouse’ is brilliance in black and white
Movie: “The Lighthouse” Director: Robert Eggers Starring: Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe Studio: A24 Rating: 10/10
UB gamers show mixed feelings toward Blizzard’s Hong Kong controversy
One of the gaming world’s beloved companies is facing criticism after a top gamer showed support for Hong Kong. On Oct. 8, Blizzard, creator of games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch, announced it would ban and revoke prize money from Hearthstone pro and Hong Kong native Ng Wai Chung (username Blitzchung). Chung, who won the company’s Asia-Pacific Hearthstone Grandmasters Tournament, wore a mask during an interview to show solidarity with Hong Kong natives looking to retain autonomy from maintain China.
‘Jesus is King’ finds Kanye West at his most unfinished
Album: “Jesus is King” Artist: Kanye West Label: Def Jam Release Date: Oct. 25 Rating: 5/10
‘A different art:’ Documentary series highlights community stories
Back-to-back screenings are usually similar.  But on Wednesday, Squeaky Wheel challenged this notion, screening everything from a film about upcoming fatherhood to a film on sheep becoming zombies.
Guerilla Toss makes punk playful on ‘What Would the Odd Do?’
Guerilla Toss has come a long way stylistically since its formation at the beginning of the decade.  The band’s breakout record on NNA Tapes, “Gay Disco,” saw the group playing a furious combination of danceable rhythms, shrill screams and heavy but textured guitars in 2013. 
Haunting Halloween music picks
The Halloween season consists of cutesy costumes, silly jack-o-lanterns and enough candy to induce a sugar coma, but what makes this time of year so interesting and unique is its underlying theme of terror.  People get their kicks out of being scared s--tless and especially during Halloween. Why else would so many people come together every year to watch possession-infested films and visit haunted houses? Music around this time of year shouldn’t be any different, it should scare the hell out of you, too.
Fall Fest playlist: A quick guide to Young the Giant and Verzache
The Fall Fest Concert Series continues Saturday with its “Indie-Rock Showcase,” the second show of the three-part series.  Rockers Young the Giant –– who headlined Spring Fest 2015 –– will headline the show as relaxed crooner Verzache opens the show. To get hyped up for fest, here’s a list of seven songs (three by Verzache and four by Young the Giant) to familiarize yourself with before heading to the Center for the Arts Saturday night.
DaBaby settles for average on 'KIRK'
In a time when lyrical rappers rarely make the XXL Freshman list, DaBaby was a breath of fresh air. He made a name for himself spitting catchy and smart bars over trendy instrumentals on his 2019 debut record “Baby on Baby,” and through features on some of the biggest records of the year so far.
Why do we give Kanye West so much leeway with album releases?
I woke up on Friday expecting “Jesus is King” to be available on Spotify. Instead, I woke up to various music publications announcing Kanye West’s failure to release on time.
Fall Fest doesn’t matter anymore
UB Fall Fest’s reputation used to extend past the boundaries of campus. Students who attended UB in 2012 had access to see J. Cole, Childish Gambino and French Montana take the stage all in the same night for no cost –– other than the student activity fee that is already part of their bill.