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Brenton J. Blanchet is The Spectrum's editor-in-chief and a senior communication major. He specializes in interviews with rising pop stars, but makes sure to still give UB the news scoop. Blanchet contributes to Billboard, DJBooth, and the LA-based Impose Magazine in his free time.


Gilbert Gottfried talks residuals, ‘Ren and Stimpy’ and forgetting his roles
Gilbert Gottfried could have played an important role in your childhood. But he probably won’t remember if you ask him. Throughout his 30-plus-year career, the comedian lent his voice to films like “Aladdin,” cartoons like “The Fairly Odd Parents,” video games like “Kingdom Hearts” and over 160 other projects. While he doesn’t always recall each of his gigs, he still rakes in the residual checks for them –– even the ones worth $.01. 
No offseason: Dominic Johnson spends spring on hardwood, fall on turf
Dominic Johnson wears two numbers for UB. He throws bullets to his teammates at UB Stadium as No. 9 in the fall. And in the spring, he’s a secret weapon in Alumni Arena, sporting No. 21 and using his 6-foot-5-inch, 210-pound stature to put up some jumpers.
A reminder.
Where I am right now, on this Tuesday afternoon, is on a train to Buffalo from Schenectady. My head is pounding, my body aches and I desperately need sleep. After everything I’ve gone through in the last day, I fully understand why I’m on this train. But what I am struggling with is comprehending how much my life has changed in just 24 hours.
Homecoming king: Matt Myers embraces starting role
Matt Myers is entering his second season as a pre-written success story.  He led his high school football team to a state championship and he’s been on a Bulls football team that went 7-1 in the regular season.
Letter from the Editor: Growing the voice of the student body
We occasionally report on stories that aren’t always a positive reflection of this campus and our opinion page is always flooded with outspoken columns. We try to give a voice to as many students as we can.  This is the way it should be, though. We’re doing our jobs when we inform the community and we’re doing our jobs when we keep you involved.
UB initiates probation, lifts suspension on most social Greek life organizations
UB announced all social Greek life organizations, except for one, are no longer suspended but remain on probation as it revealed its Greek Life Review Committee’s recommendations Tuesday afternoon.  
CJ Massinburg, Nick Perkins to join NBA Summer League
 Former UB basketball players CJ Massinburg and Nick Perkins will be taking their talents to Brooklyn and Los Angeles, respectively, this summer as members of the NBA Summer League. 
Summertime synth: Albums to carry you through summer 2019
Sometimes you need a little more than a summer anthem. That’s when Steve Lacy makes an entire album of them.