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Brenton J. Blanchet is The Spectrum's managing editor and a junior communication major. He specializes in interviews with rising pop stars, but makes sure to still give UB the news scoop.

The Spectrum elected Brenton Blanchet as editor-in-chief for the 2019-20 academic year. Blanchet has been writing for The Spectrum since 2016. 


UB President Satish Tripathi discusses Greek life, campus protests and Kapoor Hall renaming
Satish Tripathi has been UB president for eight years and said he’ll continue to serve the role as long as he feels like he can “make a difference.” Or –– as he joked –– as long as he doesn’t get fired.
Student Association president reflects on year in office
Gunnar Haberl remembers putting a sword through someone’s neck in front of at least 50 different crowds. The outgoing Student Association president isn’t a murderer, though. He was a child magician showcasing his favorite trick with a tape-measure sword. Haberl didn’t have to pull any tricks on anyone this academic year, but he admits he did his best to mend SA’s relationships with departments, not disclosing whether or not he used magic in the process.
UB to replace Sub-Board I with Faculty Student Association as student government fiscal agent
  UB will replace Sub-Board I, its fiscal agent for student governments, with the Faculty Student Association on July 1, according to Vice President of Student Life A. Scott Weber and Vice President for Finance and Administration Laura Hubbard.   The decision, according to Weber, coincides with a UB review committee’s suggestion to cut various SBI-funded programs, including free legal counsel for students, the South Campus safety shuttle bus, radio station WRUB and off-campus housing.
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie wins over Spring Fest crowd
A late lineup change didn’t impact this year’s Spring Fest’s turnout. And it didn’t impact the crowd’s energy either. Opener Rich the Kid pulled out of his slot on Friday, just one day before he was set to open for Lil Baby and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. But his replacement, New York rapper Young M.A, didn’t feel anything like a replacement.
Chefs, drugs and rock n' roll
Shep Gordon’s parents brought their son to a Queens Greyhound station in the summer of 1964 and loaded his bags onto a midnight bus to Buffalo. Once Gordon got off the bus, he and a friend decided to hitchhike all the way to Buffalo State College, where they heard “beautiful women” attended school. 
A whistle to remember
My hands were red and my legs were shaking.  My phone was about to die, the subway was about to close and I had no ride home. As I screamed at the people behind me to stop pushing me toward the ground and held my hands forward, I heard the words, “‘Dreamlover,’ my favorite.” And then I see her, the queen of the Billboard charts, glowing in the Buffalo night. Mariah Carey was standing right in front of me.
Kiana Ledé to open Spring Fest
Haberl mentioned Ledé as a performer among rappers Lil Baby, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Rich the Kid, all of who SA previously announced on Twitter. This is the first time SA has held a strictly hip-hop or R&B Spring Fest since 2012. Haberl also wrote that “more” artists will be performing.
Greek life reacts to Tripathi's suspension of all activities
Many UB students involved in Greek life were disappointed with President Satish Tripathi’s decision to indefinitely suspend all official fraternity and sorority events.
The Blast comes to Buffalo
The pinnacle of Taco Bell is now right outside of your lecture hall. Mountain Dew Baja Blast arrived in campus vending machines and at The Elli convenience store in early March according to Raymond Kohl, Campus Dining & Shops marketing manager. Kohl wrote in an email that the popular soft drink, which Taco Bell introduced as an exclusive to the fast food chain in 2004, is already “flying off” The Elli’s shelves and requiring Vending Manager Dave Marotta to “constantly” fill vending machine slots.