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Brenton J. Blanchet is The Spectrum's editor-in-chief and a senior communication major. He specializes in interviews with rising pop stars, but makes sure to still give UB the news scoop. Blanchet contributes to Billboard, DJBooth, and the LA-based Impose Magazine in his free time.


Fall Fest, homecoming basketball game both on Friday
The biggest music event and biggest sporting event of the semester will be happening next door to each other Friday. UB basketball tips off against Dartmouth University at 7 p.m. in Alumni Arena as the rising hip-hop giant DaBaby joins Gunna to take over the Center for the Arts at 8 p.m. for “Trap Fest,” the final show in the Fall Fest Concert Series.
A Raven finds his ring
The former UB football star and ‘18 alum’s whirlwind week wasn’t entirely his fault. In a matter of days, Tampa Bay cut him from its roster with no explanation, his plans to propose to his longtime girlfriend Arianna Marinelli were interrupted after misplacing the engagement ring and he had to prove himself to the Baltimore Ravens to keep his football career alive.
Student Association releases Fall Fest tickets early, apologizes for mistake
Roughly 600 students reserved tickets to Fall Fest Wednesday during a two-hour unexpected ticket release, which left students confused and upset. SA planned on releasing tickets Sunday for the Nov. 8 show, which will feature rappers DaBaby and Gunna in the 1,748-capacity Center for the Arts, according to SA President Yousouf Amolegbe. He said the tickets for the student-funded show –– which cost SA roughly $190,000 and is paid for by 21,000 undergraduates’ $109 mandatory student activity fee –– released early because SA Entertainment didn’t confirm the updated release date with the UB Ticket Office.
Artist spotlight: Easy Life
Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract may follow Easy Life on Instagram, but the band still isn’t sure if he’s a fan yet. To be fair, he probably heard the horn section in their track “Nightmares” –– along with roughly 10 million other people –– and hit the follow button.
UB president talks provost search, climate protest and school ranking
UB President Satish Tripathi’s lunch preferences may seem plain and even incomplete ––for instance, ordering a Garden Burger with no buns –– but he assures his vision for the campus isn’t.
Buffalo’s best thrift shops
There’s two types of thrift shopping. There’s “vintage” shopping, which essentially consists of going to high-end antique stores, spending Depop money on a worn-out denim jacket and running home to share your “gnarly experience” with your friends who aren’t cool or trendy enough to ever understand.
Haley Reinhart talks Anderson .Paak, “Lo-Fi Soul” and October show
There’s something magical about Haley Reinhart’s aura.  It’s in her ‘60s appeal, it’s in her free-spirited live shows and it’s in her band, which once included the now Grammy-winning hip-hop heavyweight Anderson .Paak. Reinhart, quite like her former drummer-turned-performer extraordinaire, has evolved her sound over her career. Her new record, “Lo-Fi Soul,” is a coverless call to the ‘60s, full of organs, lovely backing harmonies and vocal effects that carry the record throughout. Unlike her previous effort, “What’s That Sound,” Reinhart’s originals run her latest and feel straight out of The Monkees’ or The Doors’ organ-heavy catalog. It’s vintage, but it’s her.
When Mr. West woke up the fest
Kanye West wasn’t a big fan of presidents in 2005 and he probably never expected to dap one up when he visited Alumni Arena on Oct. 21 of that year. But Dela Yador –– the 2005 Student Association president –– thinks about his encounter with West often.
Gilbert Gottfried talks residuals, ‘Ren and Stimpy’ and forgetting his roles
Gilbert Gottfried could have played an important role in your childhood. But he probably won’t remember if you ask him. Throughout his 30-plus-year career, the comedian lent his voice to films like “Aladdin,” cartoons like “The Fairly Odd Parents,” video games like “Kingdom Hearts” and over 160 other projects. While he doesn’t always recall each of his gigs, he still rakes in the residual checks for them –– even the ones worth $.01. 
No offseason: Dominic Johnson spends spring on hardwood, fall on turf
Dominic Johnson wears two numbers for UB. He throws bullets to his teammates at UB Stadium as No. 9 in the fall. And in the spring, he’s a secret weapon in Alumni Arena, sporting No. 21 and using his 6-foot-5-inch, 210-pound stature to put up some jumpers.