‘Fine Line’ is fine art
Album: “Fine Line” Artist: Harry Styles Label: Columbia Records Release Date: Dec. 13 Rating: 10/10
Edward Cullen walked so Robert Pattinson could run
“Do I dazzle you?” “Frequently.” Although Edward Cullen is inarguably Robert Pattinson’s most notable role, it couldn’t be further from his best. 
Activist Nyle DiMarco opens 33rd annual Distinguished Speaker Series
Nyle DiMarco taught the Center for the Arts crowd how to sign “love yourself” in American Sign Language Wednesday night. He wanted everyone to embrace who they are and learn to “use their differences to their advantage.”
Nyle DiMarco discusses advocacy and Twitter humor in Spectrum interview
Nyle DiMarco can see the differences between himself and his deaf family members who didn't have the same access to language and education he had as a child.  Now, he’s working to make sure children today have these opportunities. 
A psychic predicted I’d be writing this
Years before I started my humble career at The Spectrum, or even knew that UB existed, my future was planned out. Sort of.  When I was 15, I went to a psychic.