Fifteen years after accessibility lawsuit, UB still not compliant
“If there was an actual emergency I don’t know what I would do, because if someone were to carry me down the stairs in an emergency situation they would probably break every bone in my body.”  These students are frustrated and say UB is not doing enough to accommodate them on campus or assure their safety. 
UB introduces new Safety Shuttle, not available to intoxicated students
UB’s new safety shuttle, replacing Sub-Board I’s van transport, won’t transport students who appear to be intoxicated.  Instead, Parking and Transportation Services advises drivers to call University Police.
UB looking for student input on North Campus health and recreation center
UB’s Wellness Center Task Force is sending out a survey early next week and looking for students’ input on a new integrated health and recreation center on North Campus. UB introduced the Wellness Center Task Force steering committee, chaired by UB’s Associate Vice President of Student Life Administration and Planning Christina Hernandez, at the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year. The steering committee for the project consists of 18 faculty, students and professional staff who are coordinating the work of the project. But 54 people are on the Wellness Center task force including the financial, operation and stakeholder subcommittees. 
Meet the Student Association Board of Directors candidates
The Student Association Board of Directors –– previously the SA senate –– elections are taking place on Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Student Union lobby. Eighteen people are running for the 12 available seats. The board of directors oversees SA clubs, makes sure finances are in order for clubs and allocates the mandatory student activity fee.
Make more rules but don’t ban Juuls
I started Juuling this summer after my friend left his Juul in my car.  As a first-time smoker, I enjoyed it, it hit easy and didn’t even leave me smelling like an ashtray. I found a new drinking companion. Until I went into work one morning, after vaping all night and had an hour-long cough attack.
A. Scott Weber appointed as interim provost
Vice President for Student Life A. Scott Weber will serve as UB’s interim provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, President Satish Tripathi announced at the UB Council meeting on Monday.
UB enforces new academic integrity policy, opens new office
Undergraduate students can now remediate accusations of academic dishonesty before UB places them on their record with UB’s new academic integrity policy.
UB named No. 31 public university in U.S.
UB is No. 31 among the top public universities in the U.S., according to the 2020 Wall Street Journal/ Times Higher Education College Ranking. This year’s ranking is seven spots higher than last year’s ranking of No. 38.
UB student fights for life after plane crashes into home
Hannah Bocker, a junior civil, structural and environmental engineering major, sustained life-threatening injuries when a twin-engine Cessna 303 aircraft crashed into her home on Aug. 17 in Union Vale, N.Y. This happened just a week before she was getting ready to make the seven-hour road trip back to Buffalo to begin her junior year with her father, Gerard Bocker, who died on impact in the crash.
Florence Ayeni: a student entrepreneur with a desire to help others
Florence Ayeni’s father taught her that helping people can, in turn, allow people to help themselves.   When Ayeni was young, her father, a pastor, selflessly brought a homeless man into their home. He told her the man was her uncle from Nigeria who came to live with the family. And when Ayeni’s father was deported for four years and nine months in 2008, the man who she believed to be her uncle took care of Ayeni and the rest of her family.