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Reilly Mullen is the managing editor for The Spectrum. She double majors in English and political science. She enjoys arguing with frat boys and buying cool shoes.


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"I awoke to hundreds of messages from friends, acquaintances and strangers telling me that someone made a fake Instagram, nearly identical to my personal account, offering access to a private Snapchat story where “I” would post explicit photos and nude content."  
‘UB Black faculty are disappointed with UB response to BLM movement’
Sixty-five Black SUNY professors held an unprecedented meeting Monday to discuss their frustration over the way their universities responded to the racial tensions that have exploded across the country since George Floyd’s death on March 25. 
Something to smile at: Wholesome things happening around the world
This year began with catastrophe after catastrophe. Headlines describing the massive impacts of the coronavirus litter our screens. TikToks of college students longing for their friends with moody indie songs playing in the background have flooded the “For You” page. Oil prices dipped into the negatives for the first time in history on Tuesday. The new normal is filled with plenty to be sad about.
Flattening the curve: DIY face-coverings
Precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are updating daily, as people are now required to wear protective face masks in public. These masks are often difficult to find due to high demand.
Corona-can I take you on a date?
Quarantine came at an inconvenient time for all of us. Whether it was for seniors who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to their college days or for those who no longer have close friends at home like they do at school, saying goodbye this early is hard.  But a less serious, yet still disappointing, result of vacating campus midway through the semester is the toll it can take on students’ love lives. Relationships become exponentially more difficult for couples who aren’t ready for the challenge of distance or are stuck inside a tiny apartment together all day (and it doesn’t look like the New York State self-quarantining guidelines are ending anytime soon).
District attorney's office not filing charges for suspected hazing death
Erie County District Attorney John Flynn announced Monday his office won’t file criminal charges for the April 2019 death of 18-year-old UB freshman Sebastian Serafin-Bazan.  Serafin-Bazan was found unconscious on the lawn of 69 Custer St., which belonged to the Sigma Pi fraternity, on April 12, 2019. He later died on April 17. 
SEAS to move all operations online
All School of Engineering and Applied Sciences courses, including labs and tests, will be taught online beginning March 23, following Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mandatory “distance-learning model.”
Chemistry department ‘will not hold in-person’ labs
UB’s chemistry department will not hold in-person lab sessions during Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mandatory “distance-learning model” for SUNY and CUNY schools. 
UB moves to ‘distance-learning’ model for rest of spring semester
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced all SUNY and CUNY schools will transition to online classes starting March 19 during a press conference Wednesday at 1:45 p.m.