Young the Giant brings high energy to indie rock Fall Fest
Fall Fest was Verzache’s first time performing for a live crowd. Ever.  And although Young the Giant has performed at UB before, Saturday was the first time students bowed at the lead singer’s feet. The night of firsts wasn’t shaky, however, as fans and newcomers alike put on a stellar indie-themed Student Association Fall Fest at the Center for the Arts.
Throwing SHAED: Budding group SHAED discusses rise to fame and Buffalo show in exclusive interview
SHAED hasn’t quite hit household name recognition yet, but that may not last much longer. The D.C.-based electro-pop group’s new single, “Trampoline,” overtook Billie Eilish’s “Bury a Friend” for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Alternative Radio chart this summer.  With a musical style that BlackBook described as “infectious, magnetic charisma,” the group’s elaborate sound design, whimsical tone and deeply meaningful lyrics leave listeners craving more.
Dining hall blues
As a campus resident, my most economical choice for food is a meal plan, of which I have the 14. This is feasible for the majority of those who choose on-campus dining options.  But the majority of students don’t live with the rather debilitating GI disorder known as Crohn’s Disease, which has stripped me of the ability to eat wheat and dairy products safely.