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 Jacklyn Walters is a junior communication major. She enjoys bringing up politics at the dinner table and seeing dogs on campus. 


Brian Regan wants his audience to laugh at ‘substance, not shock’
Brian Regan doesn’t think he’s a household name. But with multiple Netflix specials, collaborations with Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman and an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Regan might be the only one who thinks so.
One World Café construction to continue through fall semester
After two years of planning, construction for the One World Café began on May 20.  The roughly $20 million project is expected to be completed by August 2021. UB hired CannonDesign, an integrated global design firm, to handle construction for the over 50,000-square-foot cafe. The cafe will be between Capen Hall and Norton Hall on North Campus, causing construction to impact students’ navigation paths starting in the fall. Graham Hammill, vice provost for educational affairs and dean of the graduate school, said construction will be a “large” and “marginalizing” process, as it will affect a large part of North Campus. 
State Supreme Court amends temporary restraining order against UB
A New York State Supreme Court Judge amended Sub-Board I’s temporary restraining order against UB earlier today. The TRO –– originally issued June 26 –– now states that UB is restrained from removing SBI operations until July 31.
‘Girls get assaulted all the time’
Note: This column contains sensitive content about sexual assault which may be triggering.  Taylor sat in the front seat of her mom’s car, singing her heart.  The radio wasn’t even playing, she was just genuinely happy.
State Supreme Court orders UB to temporarily halt fiscal agent transition
A State Supreme Court Judge issued a temporary restraining order against UB, barring implementation of all decisions put forth on May 6.
UB Council doesn’t discuss Sub-Board I or Living Stipend Movement, goes through with Kapoor Hall name removal
 Student Representative Michael Brown called into Monday’s UB Council meeting and spoke for 15 minutes, denouncing the university’s decision to remove Sub-Board I as the fiscal agent for student fees.  
UB to replace Sub-Board I with Faculty Student Association as student government fiscal agent
UB is replacing Sub-Board I, which has overseen student government funds for the past 49 years, with the Faculty Student Association, a private nonprofit. 
UB President Satish Tripathi discusses Greek life, campus protests and Kapoor Hall renaming
Satish Tripathi has been UB president for eight years and said he’ll continue to serve the role as long as he feels like he can “make a difference.” Or –– as he joked –– as long as he doesn’t get fired.