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 Jacklyn Walters is a junior communication major. She enjoys bringing up politics at the dinner table and seeing dogs on campus. 


UB Council doesn’t discuss Sub-Board I or Living Stipend Movement, goes through with Kapoor Hall name removal
 Student Representative Michael Brown called into Monday’s UB Council meeting and spoke for 15 minutes, denouncing the university’s decision to remove Sub-Board I as the fiscal agent for student fees.  
UB to replace Sub-Board I with Faculty Student Association as student government fiscal agent
UB is replacing Sub-Board I, which has overseen student government funds for the past 49 years, with the Faculty Student Association, a private nonprofit. 
UB President Satish Tripathi discusses Greek life, campus protests and Kapoor Hall renaming
Satish Tripathi has been UB president for eight years and said he’ll continue to serve the role as long as he feels like he can “make a difference.” Or –– as he joked –– as long as he doesn’t get fired.
Vampire Weekday
Vampire Weekend fans didn’t want to leave Tuesday night’s show and neither did the band, which performed for an additional 45 minutes after running through the setlist.
Students upset UB displays outdated colonial Hong Kong flag
An outdated Hong Kong flag hangs in 215 Student Union. To some students, the flag is simply that — outdated.  To others, it’s a relic of British colonial rule that has not officially represented Hong Kong since 1997. It’s not just inaccurate to them, but a painful reminder of the island’s colonial history, they said. 
UB’s food pantry program, Blue Table, is now open
UB’s virtual food pantry program, Blue Table, is officially accessible to students.
‘A true hustle:' The life of a young entrepreneur
Yusef Burgos — or Sef, as friends call him — sits in a low chair dressed in a hoodie and jeans that clearly cost over $400. He speaks in a relaxed voice that does little to convey his busy schedule. He is surrounded by shoes that cost more than UB tuition, four guys hanging out around the counter and 2015 Drake playing in the background. This is exactly the “calm, cool, chill environment” he wants his store to emanate.
UB student dies following possible Sigma Pi hazing
Eighteen-year-old Sebastian Serafin-Bazan was a dedicated student who kept a Post-it note above his desk that said “GPA goal 4.0.”