Sexual offense reports increased at UB and surrounding areas in 2018
 Reported sexual offenses in the South Campus area reached a five-year high in 2018, but data doesn’t tell the complete story, according to UB officials. 
This column only applies to a select few men
We’ve all seen it before: someone tweets “men are trash.”  Women respond in solidarity, sharing their own –– often chilling and life-threatening –– experiences.
Student Association members upset with high late fees
Student Association coordinators were upset after the SA senate charged their clubs with “high” late fees at the Feb. 8 senate meeting.
Representatives discuss fee increases at broad-based fee meeting
Department representatives presented data on UB’s mandatory fees at a student consultation town hall Wednesday. Five students attended. 
UB community celebrates 50 years of African and African American Studies
UB’s department of African and African American Studies, one of the oldest in the country, celebrated its 50th anniversary Tuesday, eight years after merging into the Transnational Studies department. 
Bare it all
Bralettes are worn as shirts; Instagram models post photos wearing lace corsets with sweatpants.  Lingerie is no longer resigned to the bedroom. 
Prescription and addiction: UB doctor fired amid drug charges
The Buffalo community knew Torin Finver as a “driven” man and an expert in addiction medicine, who for the past four years forged unique bonds with patients by making them feel he understood their struggles. 
Student Association president gives State of SA Address
Student Association President Gunnar Haberl presented UB’s first State of the Student Association address on Wednesday night. 
Ghost town
Students woke up to blistering snow, cancelled classes and unforgivable winds as plows cleared UB parking lots on Wednesday and Thursday. Across the Buffalo-Niagara region, up to 24 m.p.h. winds and 18 inches of snow whistled in between Tuesday and Thursday night.  And you were lucky to feel your face after two minutes if you stepped outside at all.
No sources, more problems
When I signed up for The Spectrum’s writing course, I was excited for all the things I would learn: how to write, report and conduct interviews.  I thought that, maybe one day, I’d even be good enough to be an editor. But the one lesson I wasn’t anticipating –– the one I now face every day –– is how to deal with rejection.