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 Jacklyn Walters is a junior communication major. She enjoys bringing up politics at the dinner table and seeing dogs on campus. 


UB’s food pantry program, Blue Table, is now open
UB’s virtual food pantry program, Blue Table, is officially accessible to students.
‘A true hustle:' The life of a young entrepreneur
Yusef Burgos — or Sef, as friends call him — sits in a low chair dressed in a hoodie and jeans that clearly cost over $400. He speaks in a relaxed voice that does little to convey his busy schedule. He is surrounded by shoes that cost more than UB tuition, four guys hanging out around the counter and 2015 Drake playing in the background. This is exactly the “calm, cool, chill environment” he wants his store to emanate.
UB student dies following possible Sigma Pi hazing
Eighteen-year-old Sebastian Serafin-Bazan was a dedicated student who kept a Post-it note above his desk that said “GPA goal 4.0.”
UB social fraternity activities suspension to last until fall
Vice President for Student Life A. Scott Weber will oversee a committee to review each of UB’s 21 fraternities and 16 sororities with a focus on anti-hazing.
UB student dies following alleged Sigma Pi hazing
 Serafin-Bazan, a freshman medical technology major, was rushed to the hospital early Friday morning after going into cardiac arrest. The Buffalo News reported this may have been due to strenuous exercise.  
The 'silent emergency' of the plastic trifecta
Judith Enck’s first experience with an environmental catastrophe was at Love Canal. She came to Niagara Falls with a sociology class her junior year of college to learn about the toxic disaster. The mayor of Niagara Falls told the class Love Canal wasn’t a problem, simply fabrication from “hysterical housewives.”
On-campus food pantry expected to open within next two weeks
Students struggling to afford food will soon have a way to access food for free through UB’s first on-campus food pantry. 
Surviving on stipends
Hakan Doga said he was humiliated when he had to ask his parents for money during his first summer session at UB.
UB's Student Association named SUNY SA of the year
UB’s Student Association earned the title of 2018-19 State University of New York SA of the Year this past weekend.
P.R.I.D.E. and joy
Yousouf Amolegbe put his hand to his face and covered the tears in his eyes on Thursday afternoon. He he had just become the Student Association’s fifth black president ever. Amolegbe, Georgia Hulbert and Kendra Harris –– the P.R.I.D.E. Party –– won the executive board election after a campaign based on “progressive, reform, integrity, diversity and empowerment” initiatives.