Life run by medication
Anxiety? Take a pill. Nausea? Take a pill. A pill gets thrown at me for every feeling I have throughout the day. Gabapentin, Venlafaxine, Xanax, Ondansetron. It’s a never-ending cycle of taking pills and waiting for my body to feel “normal.”
UB English Department co-sponsors marathon poetry reading event
Emily Dickinson enthusiasts drove from Dickinson’s birthplace – Amherst, Massachusetts – to be a part of a Buffalo community marathon reading and express their love for the late poet. The UB Department of English, Just Buffalo Literary Center and community literature lovers came together at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Saturday to read Dickinson’s collection of roughly 1,800 poems.
UB students discuss observing Passover at school
Jessica Reznik scrubs her floors, vacuums her apartment and burns the traces of grain-based foods in her oven to make her home Kosher for Passover. Passover is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the Israelite’s Exodus from Egypt when they were freed from slavery.
Learning to lead: Gina Nasca discusses new position as SA vice president
Gina Nasca fell in love with engineering when she made paper airplanes in her high school introductory engineering class. Nasca, the former Engineering Council coordinator, became vice president of the Student Association (SA) after Megan Glander stepped down from the position
UB Law School holds presidential election forum
Jim Gardner has “a lot of worries” and “no answers” when it comes to the presidential election. He feels this election raises concerns about the nation’s future.
My experience and journey as a first time voter
As Election Day got closer and people’s strong views came out more, I realized how amazing politics truly are. I never realized how many people shared the same views as me and cared about the same problems. I felt like I was in a community of people who cared and wanted to make the country even better than it is now. And trusting a woman to do it all, made it even better.
UB Faculty Senate discusses ongoing university initiatives
UB Foundation Chairman Francis M. Letro recently rejected Philip Glick’s request for a faculty member, professional staff member and student to be added to UB Foundation’s board of trustees. Glick, Faculty Senate chair, discussed this rejection and a number of other topics at the Faculty Senate Meeting in Center For Tomorrow on Tuesday. The Senate also discussed salary equity, the smoke-free campaign and faculty mentorship.
UB College Democrats host final debate watch party
UB College Democrats held a debate watch party of the final debate between Clinton and Trump Wednesday night in Norton 112. 
Faculty Senate discuss salary equity, UB campaigns and SUNY policies
UB Faculty Senate held an executive committee meeting on Wednesday in Capen Hall. A wide range of topics were discussed, including salary equity, the search for the next law school dean and campaigns that are underway.