"UB alum, current student die in Route 36 accident"
A UB graduate and a current student died Tuesday when their 1995 Jeep Wrangler crashed with a tractor trailer at the intersection of Route 36 and North Road in Wheatland, N.Y.
UB student identified as man who fell in Niagara River
On Tuesday, authorities recovered a body in the Lower Niagara River, where they were searching for 23-year-old UB MBA candidate and teaching assistant Narang "David" Kim.
Fran?iois leads community charge
Wheat bread, ham and butter. Wheat bread, ham and butter. Ariel
Tripathi announces 'Religiously-Neutral Calendar' to begin 2014
Dr. Richard Cohen believes President Satish Tripathi is hindering the religious practices of students and faculty members at UB. On May 23, Tripathi announced the creation of the "Religiously-Neutral Academic Calendar," which includes classes on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in an attempt to "ensure greater continuity in the academic schedule and minimize course disruptions for students." The decision came from the president after he received the Faculty Senate Executive Committee's recommendation that no religious holidays should recognized by the university and observed with a day off from classes. "Does President Tripathi think that we are stupid?" Cohen posted on UB Reporter.
UPD makes arrest in South Campus robbery
University Police arrested 26-year-old Jonathan A. Huitt and charged him with the early-morning robbery of a Buffalo woman on her way to work Wednesday. The woman reported Huitt demanded she turn over her purse to him while threatening her with a knife, though no weapon was displayed.
Robberies in South Campus community continue over summer
Within three days this week, two robberies involving the threat of a weapon occurred in the surrounding community of UB's South Campus.
Case dropped against professor arrested for protesting anti-abortion display
The disorderly conduct charge against Laura Curry, an adjunct media study professor, was dropped on Thursday morning. Curry appeared in front of Judge Mark Farrell in Amherst Town Court almost a month after she was arrested for using profane language to demonstrate her distaste for a graphic anti-abortion display presented by UB Students for Life and the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. The display - which was stationed outside the Student Union from 9 a.m.
UB students host red-carpet event at elementary school
The lights didn't extend far enough, some props weren't finished and the tools were missing. Jenny Chen started to worry.
Rocky road to downtown campus
Citizens of the Fruit Belt, an area in Buffalo's lower East Side, are fed up with UB. They said they haven't received any information about UB's plans to buy McCarley Gardens - a low-income public housing development - to expand the downtown Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Citizens are concerned about their homes and neighborhoods and think UB doesn't care about its relations with the community.
Wrestlers' second-degree felony assault charges lowered
The second-degree felony assault charges against former UB wrestling teammates Justin Lozano and Clayton Reeb were lowered to assault in the third-degree, a misdemeanor.