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Monday, June 24, 2024
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The Final Panel

Goodbye columns are scattered throughout this paper and while I can't speak for any of my colleagues, mine is more for me than it is for you.


A Week in Ink: Issue No. 50

With commencement a few weeks away and spring semester coming to a climatic close, summertime has once again crept its way back into Buffalo. Somewhere between killer pool parties, lounging around the progenitor's place, and that part-time resume builder, here's a list of nine graphic novels best taken out from under the bed, or the local library, and prepare you for a lifelong love of the medium.


Granting UB's Wish

Over a candle-lit dinner and a few glasses of beer, two of the most recognized figures in anime met with The Spectrum Saturday night to discuss everything from failed marriage proposals to '80s nostalgia.


A Week in Ink: Issue No. 46

Teen Titans No. 6 From the Scarlet Speedster to his prepubescent counterpart Kid Flash, this week the DC Universe is rife with conflict for every supersonic superhero capable of breaking the sound barrier. Though Wally has his own icy demon to fight in the form of Captain Cold, Teen Titans member Bart Allen has a much larger problem on his hands, namely the complete and utter destruction of every living cell in his body, one by one. Writer Scott Lobdell has taken a series that typically caries little weight or substance and through the use of internal strife, tenuous teamwork, and palpable stakes, transformed the teenage team into a competent cornerstone of the revamped DC world. Lobdell takes the plot one step further this issue by bringing a new threat to a team already on the brink of its own destruction.

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