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The Spectrum’s May Movie Guide
This May brings moviegoer’s two superhero flicks, a wide array of comedies, a sports biography, animated fantasies and more. Don’t miss out on this chance to escape from the endless torrent of exams, papers and studying.
UB African Student Association's Jambo Pageant presents an impressive pan-African spectacle
ASA’s Jambo Pageant centered on the theme of African pride and ethnic unity. Attendees on and off stage could be seen wearing the colors of the Pan-African flag, and many performers expressed their cultural identity through traditionally inspired garb.
The blight of the boisterous neighbor
No one wants to look like the party pooper and bang on your neighbor’s door asking them to stop partying – but sometimes enough is enough. For Valentina Valentine, hearing loud screaming and partying into the wee hours of the morning got old quick, especially with morning classes.
Motorpsycho’s atmospheric ‘Here Be Monsters’ is sophisticated but sleepy
Conceived in the late ’80s as a grunge band, Norwegian rock outfit Motorpsycho has covered a lot of ground in the past 25 years. With a career spanning more than 20 albums, Motorpsycho moved through an alternative phase in the ’90s and explored psychedelic rock in the 2000s. Their latest studio album, “Here Be Monsters,” continues their recent string of psychedelic progressive or ‘prog’ rock albums starting with 2010’s “Heavy Metal Fruit.”
Philosophical Society debates ethics of neonatal circumcision
On Tuesday night, Burke presented to the Buffalo Philosophical Society that the widespread application of circumcision to young boys and girls alike is an unethical practice that violates an individual’s right to consent and autonomy. The debate sparked strong discussion from both sides and ran a half an hour past its 9 p.m. end time.
The Spectrum’s March movie guide
From animated movies, political thrillers, experimental films and superhero flicks, this March promises to deliver on many fronts.
Spring break, past and present
Since its inception, spring break has become one of the great “extracurricular” aspects of the college experience. For a few wild weeks in March, hundreds of thousands of students are set to descend on beaches across the country in an annual tradition of bringing their penchant for partying to sunny locales all over the continent.
Product placement on the rise
Peyton Manning’s post-Super Bowl 50 interviews treated Americans to more than the trivia of what the Broncos’ quarterback’s favorite brew is. Manning left no doubt that Budweiser – and none other than Budweiser – was the best way for the nation to go on celebrating his team’s victory, as he twice stated in postgame interviews that he would be drinking that brand of beer after the big win.
UB student Cole Pawlowski’s work turns to the human body for inspiration
Artist Cole Pawlowksi has been channeling his creative muse since childhood, but the sophomore psychology major’s work has recently taken an experimental turn. In late 2014, he began work on a sex-themed series starting with the piece “37 Ejaculations: With Pollock in Mind.” “Yes, it is exactly what you think it is,” Pawlowski said.
Celebrities retain enormous power in the political conversation
With a sizable portion of the nation tuned into their every utterance, celebrities often use this inexplicable fascination to become activists, transcending their roles as entertainers by lending support to various political issues. The past decade has shown that a celebrity endorsement can be the factor that puts an unsung cause on the map.