UB Outdoor Pursuits will now offer critical first aid training
On March 5-8 eight UB students and two faculty members were trained and certified through UB Outdoor Pursuits and Student Life to become wilderness first responders. Classroom and wilderness training prepared participants to become knowledgeable wilderness leaders.
Construction on UB's GRoW Home begins
About 30 students from various departments across UB are working together to build a modular home that will embrace the urban farming culture of Buffalo with its four seasons.
High schoolers 'BAND' against bullying at the CFA
Curtis Vance didn't want a solo performance in the "BAND Against Bullying" event at UB. In the spirit of the evening, he decided to include all his classmates who wanted to perform. Vance, whom his classmates call "Young World," directed the choreography and act for Williamsville.
Crossroads Culinary Center hosts sit-down Valentine's Day dinner
Couples who are looking for a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day may not have to leave campus. Culinary Crossroads Center (C3), located in Ellicott Complex's Red Jacket Quad, is transforming a private room into a grand and elegant eatery for students this Friday.
UB enables deep sea Internet system
Don't be alarmed if you think you heard R2D2 in Lake LaSalle. That sound might be coming from a 40-pound acoustic sensor - the basis for a wireless, underwater Internet system. Researchers in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have developed an underwater Internet network.
Parking lot party
Snow hasn't fallen in Buffalo yet, but Schussmeisters Ski Club didn't let that stop them from showing off their tricks Thursday. Over 150 people flooded the parking lot - which was filled with scraped ice from various Buffalo hockey rinks - outside The U on Sweet Home Road.