UB Theatre and Dance prepares ‘The Threepenny Opera’
“The Threepenny Opera” has been pushing boundaries for 91 years.  And UB’s Theatre and Dance Department is continuing that push. There will be an advisory sign on the door for “risque” content on the opening night of the play this week.
I am literally allergic to all food
I am not a picky eater.  During my childhood, the only food I struggled with was anything that was spicy.  Now I don’t have problems with spicy food.  But technically my body hates all food.
‘Julius Caesar’ opens on the CFA Mainstage
UB’s production of “Julius Caesar” took a modern twist on the classic Shakespearean play.
UB students bring ‘Julius Caesar’ show to campus
William Shakespeare is no stranger on a college campus, but students are taking his work one step further with UB’s newest reimagining. UB Theatre & Dance will present Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” at the Center for the Arts. Performances on Friday and Saturday are available to the general public. But the production isn’t without surprises.