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‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ defies low expectations and doubts
Movie: “Sonic the Hedgehog” Director: Jeff Fowler Starring: Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Jim Carrey Studio: Paramount Pictures Rating: 8/10
‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ brings 50th anniversary tour to Shea’s
When “Jesus Christ Superstar” debuted in the ‘70s, it shocked audiences with its loud rock music, modern themes and non-traditional biblical interpretations. While rock is no longer the radical genre it once was, the latest U.S. tour has updated the revolutionary musical with aspects such as hip-hop choreography to help keep the show relatable for new generations.
2020 PLASMA speaker series begins with a new approach to video games
While social attitudes have been changing in recent years, LGBTQ+ representation remains limited in all forms of media, including video games. But the unique qualities in video games may allow for representation even without LGBTQ+ characters, through “queer naratives.”
‘The Naked Magicians’ can charm audiences with or without clothes
In most magic shows, magicians will make something seemingly disappear.  While that “something” usually doesn’t include their own clothing, two Australian magicians have created a world-renowned show that features magic without pants.
Games to warm up with this winter
For many students, winter break is an excellent time to recover from the exhausting fall semester. But as the January days grow colder and drag on, a break can become boring. So what to do when you have an entire month to yourself? Play video games of course.
Where do you fit on the political spectrum?
Everyone has heard of political parties, but many don’t know what they actually mean. What makes a Democrat different from a Republican? And what the heck is a Libertarian?
Dance transcends beyond the stage
Zodiaque Dance Company doesn’t always have to be on stage to entice its crowds. During this weekend’s performances, Zodiaque won over audiences with “As Within, So Without,” a pre-recorded, on-stage visual display.
1930s Scotland in the Black Box Theatre
You may have heard a few Scottish accents if you passed by the Black Box Theatre this week. But they weren’t all real.
Cosplay artform brings UB students together
When Jennifer Dudzinski started her freshman year at UB, she had one friend and a casual interest in cosplay –– an artform where people create and wear costumes of characters from movies, books, video games and other forms of media. After her friend persuaded her to join the UB Cosplay Club, Dudzinski, who had no prior experience making costumes, says she fell in love.
From ghosts to 1980s China: The best upcoming video games
Video games can be a welcome distraction from university life, whether you game alone or with friends. Some people turn to the classics: Mario Kart, Dark Souls, Halo. But for those who are bored of their usual gaming go-tos, some interesting titles are hitting shelves soon.