Big Mood: This groovy café is reimagining plant-based cuisine
From the inside, Big Mood on Elmwood looks less like a restaurant and more like your cool aunt’s ‘70s-themed apartment. Complete with macrame plant holders, retro light fixtures and orange tie-dyes, this vegan eatery’s aesthetic is as retro as it is current. Big Mood offers a variety of 100% vegan burgers, bowls, salads, sandwiches and dessert. What’s more, each item on the menu corresponds with a quirky mood for the dish.
Freshness meets ethical cooking at Jay’s Artisan Pizza
Pizza parlors are notorious for their red and white ceramic tiling, conveyor belt ovens and attention-grabbing neon signage – but this is anything but the experience at Jay’s Artisan Pizza.
Spice up your Chinese takeout with Home Taste’s vegetarian selects
Prepare to experience a whole new dimension of Chinese takeout at Home Taste in Buffalo. The restaurant, which prides itself in cooking Northern-Chinese cuisine, offers a variety of authentic dishes made by hand.
Ranchos hidden gem on Niagara offers great veggie selection and more
You might expect the tacos at Ranchos to be good, but you can’t beat dessert: a black and yellow ATV roars down Niagara Street in wheelie formation as the sunset casts a golden spotlight on the rider.