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Monday, June 24, 2024
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A Week In Ink: Issue No. 10

Batgirl No. 15 Gotham U. has a lot to offer its students: a vast selection of available courses, a bumping party scene, a masked heroine, and an on-campus cult ? basically everything the local high school students look for in their higher education options. As Stephanie Brown steps into the coveted black stilettos as Batgirl, her life is turned 180 degrees by the crime in Dark Knight territory. Brown thankfully has the help of the commissioner's daughter as she deciphers the cryptic cult known as the Order of the Scythe. In this issue, Dr. Barbara Gordon isn't the only assistance in Batgirl's current dilemma; the Grey Ghost pops into the comic for a few panels before leaving Brown in a rumble with the cult members. In the fantastic conclusion, Brown finds herself surrounded by Gotham City Police Department officers who claim she is wanted for the homicide of a fellow Gotham U.


Forty: A Celebration of Hockey

Upon entering the upper level of the Albright Knox Art Gallery to see Forty: The Sabres in the NHL, a new exhibit that commemorates Buffalo's hockey team, one can't help but wonder how well the pristine and quiet walls of Albright Knox could possibly match the grit and excitement of the ice. Then, the image of Dominik Hasek making a sprawling save in the Sabres goal crease makes the whole exhibit seem a lot more natural. That image quickens the pulse of many Sabres fans, giving the feeling that the Albright Knox is not an art gallery but a shrine dedicated to the sport and the team that Buffalonians love. Perhaps that is the best way to approach the gallery ? not as an exhibit, but as a living monument to the 40 years of history that included the great careers of Hasek, Lindy Ruff, "The French Connection," and Alexander Mogilny. As fans walk through the gallery, they are met with images of goal celebrations, fights, amazing saves, and locker room preparations.


The Boss is Back

Artist: Bruce Springsteen Album: The Promise Release Date: Nov. 16, 2010 Label: Columbia Grade: A New Jersey's hometown hero is back for his 17th studio album, The Promise.


Dark Side of the Man on the Moon

Artist: Kid Cudi Album: Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager Release: Nov. 9 Label: Universal Motown, GOOD Music, Dream On Grade: B+ In the mere 14 months since Man on the Moon: End of the Day was released, Kid Cudi has blown up significantly.

The Spectrum

A Week In Ink: Issue No. 9

Superboy No. 1 Conner Kent's hometown of Smallville is unlike any suburb in the American Midwest, mostly because in any given week there are two or more extraterrestrials duking it out in the streets. High school is tough enough with its advanced placement courses, in-crowds and retrospectively irrelevant popularity contests, but the genetic mutation of the Man of Steel has to deal with merciless space invaders to boot. Superboy, for those who don't know, is the product of splicing Superman and Lex Luthor's DNA together.


Team Coco is a Go-Go

Channel: TBS Grade: A- Conan O'Brien has had a busy year. Between emceeing Bonnarxoo, recording a live album with Jack White, and growing that monstrous beard, it was easy for some people to forget that Conan, at heart, is a talk show host. After a 10-month absence from television, Conan has returned with his all-new self-titled talk show Conan. In June 2009, O'Brien replaced Jay Leno on NBC's Tonight Show, as Leno moved into the primetime slot.


Revel in the Pit

Artist: Gwar Album: Bloody Pit of Horror Label: Metal Blade Records Release Date: Nov. 9 Grade: B Gwar has seldom employed sonic or lyrical innovation beyond the hulking mass of thrash and doom metal bands since Black Sabbath, and with Bloody Pit of Horror, the legendary metal outfit continues the trend. Thrash metal fans can join in bullhorns for Gwar's 12th studio effort.


What the Duck?

Flooring, shower curtains and binders are all recognizable items used at UB. What is not recognizable, however, is the poison plastic that is used to make these items. Polyvinyl chloride commonly known as PVC, is a poisonous plastic used regularly in nearly 100 everyday materials in many universities and households.


Final Saw Installment Brings Thrills

Movie: Saw 3D Release Date: Oct. 29 Grade: B+ Six years ago, audiences were first hit with Saw, an intensely thrilling and gory horror film that quickly became a hit with moviegoers and revolutionized the horror genre.


More Whiskey Please

The floors of HSBC Arena were covered in Natty Ice cans, Birkenstocks and Kan Jam discs on Tuesday night as fans waited in anticipation for the "bro-gods," the Dave Matthews Band. The Dave Matthews Band has a large base of both diehard fans as well as casual ones.


Punk Goes Horribly Wrong

Album: Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3 Label: Fearless Release Date: Nov. 2 Grade: D The Punk Goes? series has earned itself a reputation for putting out original and mostly well-received cover compilation albums.


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