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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Angela Vizzi


Ninjas vs. Cowboys

Movie: The Warrior's Way Release Date: Dec. 3 Grade: B Move over pirates: The Warrior's Way, a new action film from rookie director Sngmoo Lee, is proving that ninjas and cowboys are really where the action is. The story of The Warrior's Way is that of assassin Yang (Dong-gun Jang, Good Morning President), who travels to the West to escape his clan, which is after him for failing to complete a mission.


Prescription for love

Movie: Love and Other Drugs Release Date: Nov. 24, 2010 Grade: B In a world where it seems like there is a new romantic comedy coming out every five minutes, it's refreshing when a filmmaker can put a new spin on an overdone trend.


Disney Does it Again

Movie: Tangled Release Date: Nov. 24 Grade: A- Disney continues its virtually unblemished track record for producing entertaining, family-friendly fun with its newest animated film Tangled. Tangled is based on the Rapunzel fairy tale.


Final Saw Installment Brings Thrills

Movie: Saw 3D Release Date: Oct. 29 Grade: B+ Six years ago, audiences were first hit with Saw, an intensely thrilling and gory horror film that quickly became a hit with moviegoers and revolutionized the horror genre.


Sequel brings more Paranormal frights

Movie: Paranormal Activity 2 Release Date: Oct. 22 Grade: B- After the biggest breakout horror hit of the last five years, Paranormal Activity 2 attempts to follow in the freaky footsteps of the original. The much-anticipated sequel brings the audience more spooky scares but leaves it wanting more. Paranormal Activity 2 doesn't deviate much from the storyline of the original: a family is tormented by what it believes is a paranormal presence in its home. There are some additions, however, as the family expands to include a baby and a dog, and the film does establish an interesting connection to the first film. The plot centers on a suburban family that experiences what it believes to be a series of break-ins.


Jackass delivers laughs in 3-D

Movie: Jackass 3D Release Date: Oct. 15 Grade: A With the recent increase in 3-D films being released, audiences have been disappointed to notice that many of them use the technology as a gimmick to attract moviegoers but do not fully explore its possibilities. Those moviegoers will be excited to see that Jackass 3D has changed all of that. All the Jackass boys, whom audiences have grown to know and love, are back for the third cinematic installment based on the popular television series.


A devilish improvement for Shyamalan

Movie: Devil Opening Date: September 17, 2010 Grade: B- M. Night Shyamalan is back to his old tricks of giving audiences nightmares, instead of just making movies that are nightmares. Devil, the newest film written by M.

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