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Monday, December 11, 2023
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A letter from Student Association President Yousouf Amolegbe

Editor's Note: This letter remains in the condition it was sent. 

My Fellow Students,

We’re currently facing a situation that was completely unexpected and quite frankly, tremendously disheartening. Many of us have abruptly had our semester cut short with student groups unable to hold their annual Spring events, SA’s notorious Spring Fest, Commencement ceremonies still in limbo, the fear of being unable to keep up with multiple online classes, and even losing our close-knit college friends whom have had to chose between returning home or staying isolated in Buffalo. I understand this all, but I would like to remind you that this is temporary and we are going to get through this together!

Let’s take this time to be as careful and responsible as possible because slowing and stopping this spread is up to us as a community. As students, self-quarantine and practicing social distancing need to be our top priorities in battling this pandemic. We need to take the necessary precautions in containing this virus for the safety of our communities in which we reside. We should also take this time to be mindful of the well-being and protection of our Asian student population condemning all xenophobic rhetoric and acts of hate, as they have been a targeted group throughout this struggle. This fight is not only for physicians, chemists, and researchers looking for a cure, but it is also a fight for all of humanity. We can get through this with our collective efforts to stop the spread by simply playing our part.

Please do not feel like you’re without help or assistance during these times as there are many resources available on and off campus to assist us during this delicate time. Below are some options students have:

Mental Health Services

UB Counseling Services is open and available to help, they are currently not taking any in-person meetings but you can still gain access to a mental health professional, please call UB Counseling Services 716-645-2720 directly. They are available to provide assistance for anything you may need.

According to UB Counselling services, students also find TAO Self-Help beneficial. It’s a customizable, self-guided program that includes interactive educational modules and practice tools. Click here for more information about TAO Self-Help.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring and Academic Support Services are providing virtual tutoring support services to students who are in need of academic support in several courses. Click the link above to request a tutor.

Free Internet Services

Spectrum Internet is offering free Wi-Fi installation for households with students that don’t have Spectrum already. You can call (844) 488-8395 to enroll your household in this offer, please take advantage of this opportunity if you’re in need.

International Student Services

If you’re an international student experiencing financial hardship due to either losing your on-campus employment or any matter that is beyond your control you may request off-campus employment authorization to enable you to seek off-campus employment to help ease your financial hardship. For more information about eligibility and how to apply please check out this link

Emergency Food Support (Blue Table)

UB’s emergency food support program (Blue Table) is still available to students who are still around and need groceries. If you’re looking to save money on groceries click here to place an order.

Emergency Funds

Student emergency funds at the University at Buffalo seek to award grants to eligible students who are experiencing an unforeseen hardship that could impact their ability to remain enrolled in school. For more information about eligibility and how to request these funds please click this link

To my fellow graduating seniors, although this has potentially brought a premature end to your college journey, please remain driven as we must finish off this academic semester strong. I would like to take this time to send my compassion and heartfelt support to you all and your families in this strenuous and somber time. I want to let you all know that I am here to be a guide, resource, and supporter in any way I can to help ease this inconvenience in any manner. Please reach out to me at if you have any questions or if there’s anything I can be of assistance with. For now please stay safe, practice social distancing, keep your hands clean and continue to follow all CDC recommendations for the meantime. We shall get through this!

With Love,

Yousouf Amolegbe



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