Meet the Student Association Board of Directors candidates

Board of Directors elections take place Monday and Tuesday


The Student Association Board of Directors –– previously the SA senate –– elections are taking place on Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Student Union lobby.

Eighteen people are running for the 12 available seats. The board of directors oversees SA clubs, makes sure finances are in order for clubs and allocates the mandatory student activity fee.

Big Brain Party

 While candidates typically run independently, the Big Brain Party hopes to oversee clubs responsibly, be fair with club recognition and derecognition and make SA more transparent.

Eric Weinman 

Major: Computer Engineering, Mathematics-Economics and Political Science

Year: Junior

Background: Weinman served as Senate Chair last year and is currently the board’s Chairperson, assistant SA treasurer, director on the Faculty Student Association board and treasurer and director for Sub-Board I.

Hopes to:Ensure clubs are analyzed and overseen responsibly. Weinman hopes the board will have more thoughtful discussion and treat clubs fairly. 

Ezekiel Arubuike 

Major: Political Science, Economics and History

Year: Sophomore

Background: Arubuike has been in various clubs including the UB Model European Union.

Hopes to: Make sure SA gives clubs enough funding. He would also like to facilitate better interaction between SA and the student body.

Hayden Gise 

Major: Political Science

Year: Junior

Background: Gise served on the SA senate for the 2018-19 academic year. 

Hopes to: Expand transparency. Gise hopes to move meetings to a more accessible location and hold a forum after each meeting for students to ask questions of the board.

Joseph Hoefenkrieg 

Major: Mathematics

Year: Sophomore

Background: Hoefenkrieg has never been involved with SA and said he can bring a new perspective to the board.

Hopes to: Bring more awareness and transparency to SA. He would like to see an open forum between SA and the student body so students can better understand how SA works. 

Zackary Graham 

Major: Philosophy and Political Science

Year: Senior

Background: Transferred to UB last year from Monroe Community College in Rochester. Graham was president of the United Nations Student Association at MCC and is the president of UB UNSA.

Hopes to: Make the process of recognizing and derecognizing clubs easier.

Brandon Hoolihan 

Major: Psychology and Economics

Year: Sophomore

Background: Hoolihan is on SA’s Special Interest Council and Hobby Council.

Hopes to: Make SA clubs feel like SA is working with them, not against them. Hoolihan hopes to implement a “less harsh” system to handle club violations. 

Dominic Musilli  

Major: Economics

Year: Senior

Background: Musilli has been a member of SA’s political clubs andsaid his work background in operations and county government gives him a “perfect set of skills” to fairly address the needs of clubs and fiscal aspects of SA.

Hopes to: Bring an aspect of fiscal responsibility to the board and ensure student activity fees are used in an effective manner. Musilli hopes to improve student engagement in SA and provide “fair stipends” for SA student employees and elected officials.

Jacob Kobler 

Major: Biological Sciences

Year: Senior

Background: Kobler served as 2018-19 treasurer of the Undergraduate Biology Association and is currently the club’s vice president. Kobler proxied at multiple meetings last semester and is currently filling a vacancy on the board.

Hopes to: Ensure SA is more compliant with the NYS Open Meetings Law and Freedom of Information Law. Kobler said he wants students to be educated on where their mandatory fees are going.  

Independent candidates

Olusimisola Oduntan

Major: Economics

Year: Senior

Background: Oduntan has had a role on the senate and has been a part of Student Life for three years.

Hopes to: Ensure student activity fees are used in the best way possible, give more co-sponsorship to clubs and make decisions based on student needs. Oduntan also hopes to ensure students working for SA treat clubs without bias.

Daniel Deslippe

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Background: Deslippe has served on the RHA Senate and frequently served as a proxy at SA senate meetings.

Hopes to: Make SA as transparent as possible. Deslippe wants to increase student participation within SA.

Alexander German

Major: Political Science

Year: Senior

Background: German has never held a role with SA and plans to bring a new perspective to the board. 

Hopes to: Ensure funds are allocated in a way that meets the needs of clubs. German hopes to give SA clubs a better platform to voice concerns and make sure complaints are handled efficiently. 

Amari Fall 

Major: Legal Studies and Sociology

Year: Senior

Background: Fall proxied at SA senate meetings throughout the semester and said they plan to use those skills to mediate any problems that may arise.

Hopes to: Get more club events approved to unify people from all over campus. If elected, Fall said they will encourage more student involvement within SA.

Mohammed Abedin Rafi 

Major: Computer Science

Year: Junior 

Background: Abedin Rafi is an international student from Bangladesh. He was president of Muslim Student Association at his community college.

Hopes to: Make UB more tech savvy, make sure clubs receive enough funding for activities and improve clubs by tackling issues such as sexual harassment. 

Alianna Warich 

Major: Exercise Science

 Warich did not respond in time for publication.

Tochukwu Jude-Ibe 

Major: Management

 Jude-Ibe did not respond in time for publication.

Satang Trawally, SA elections and credentials chair, did not respond regarding additional candidates in time for publication.

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CORRECTION: A previous version of this article did not include that Graham is president of UB UNSA.


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