Monsters Ink: The Spectrum’s guide to Halloween flash

Local tattoo shops participating in Halloween flash art sales


Many local tattoo artists and shops offer festive flash art deals year-round, but the Halloween season brings out these deals in full force. 

Tattoo culture and Halloween go hand-in-hand and provide an abundance of inspiration and creativity for local artists. Flash art deals are pre-drawn designs chosen by the artist and offered for a discounted price. Although the specific style depends on the artist, there is certainly something for everyone interested in these deals. 

The Spectrum compiled a list of tattoo artists who will be offering Halloween-themed flash art this season. 

5 Venoms Tattoo -The City

Oct. 1-31, $60 and up

Local artist Sean Miller, who primarily works within Traditional American style, has created two sheets of Halloween-themed flash art. Traditional American style or old style, demonstrates thick black outlines. The sheets offer 27 different options, from costume-clad pin-up girls to basic ghost designs. The options are all done in black and gray ink and feature intricate shading and hue saturation. 

The Parlour of Buffalo

Oct. 1-31, $45 and up

Artist Jon Odell is offering multiple sheets worth of Halloween-themed flash art. Odell often works on Traditional American styled designs, which carries over into his flash designs. 

The sheets hold 27 different designs, offering satanic goats and Halloween-themed traditional eagles. Odell is offering black and gray designs and full color. Unlike other shops, once a patron chooses a design from the sheet it is removed. This prevents multiple people from having the same exact tattoo. 

6th Order Tattoo

Oct. 14-31, $50 and up

6th Order Tattoo is a higher-end shop. Many of the artists work within the realm of realism, which is tattooing with the intent of displaying photorealism.

Resident artist Kali Hash currently has four large flash designs available. The designs are photorealistic portraits of famous horror film characters. Characters like Michael Myers and Patrick Bateman are brought to life within her realistic designs. The portraits are done in black and gray.

Ink & Style

Oct 26-27, $40 and up

Resident artist Woo Jin hails from South Korea, and his ethnic influence can be found within his portfolio. He is offering five different flash sheets with 15 designs to choose from. These black and gray designs range from cats to traditional Chinese styled devils. 

Traditional Chinese styles are teeming with deeply ingrained cultural meaning. The style often features intricately detailed characters and bright colors.

Sink or Swim Tattoo

Oct 27, $75 and up

Sink or Swim has offered flash deals throughout the year and Halloween is no different. The entire shop will be contributing to the flash special.

The shop is offering three different flash sheets with 19 different designs. Some designs are offered in color while some are only offered in black and gray ink. Many of the designs are basic linework, like eyes or lips. Some are more intricate like satanic goats or black cats. 

Samantha Vargas is the assistant arts editor and can be reached at and @SamVargasArts. 


 Samantha Vargas is an English/ film studies double major with a minor in media study. She spends her free time finding shows around buffalo and hanging out with her cat.