Road trip to Florida playlist

Some music to get you through that two-day road trip

Many students are making their way down to the sandy shores and sunny skies of Florida for Spring Break – quite a few by car, which is a lot of time on the road.

Music is crucial for a long road trip. Depending on your trip you may be going through eight states, and this playlist features artists from each of the states you’ll be going through. This will give you the full experience for a drive down south.

New York

Rick James -“Super Freak”

It’s only right that if the trip starts in Buffalo to begin with Rick James. A legend from Buffalo, his song “Super Freak” is sure to keep the car moving.

A song so familiar that everyone in the car will know it. It is a good start for the long trip.


Taylor Swift - “Shake It Off”

Mac Miller - “Weekend”

Wiz Khalifa - “Black and Yellow”

There are plenty of famous artists from Pennsylvania, so there are going to be a few songs to listen to when driving through.

Recent Grammy-winner and Reading, Pennsylvania native Taylor Swift had to make the cut for the playlist. In her acceptance speech, Swift called out Kanye West for his recent remarks about her, so its only right that “Shake It Off” makes the playlist.

Pennsylvania has also given us two familiar rap icons.

Mac Miller, a Pittsburg native, mentions “long days, longer nights” and “lord, I need a break” in his song “Weekend.”

Isn’t that what spring break is all about?

And you can’t go through Pittsburg without thinking of the black and yellow Steelers. It’s not confirmed that the song “Black and Yellow” is about the iconic colors of this football team, but it is from the Pittsburg-raised Wiz Khalifa.

That is why the song has to make the playlist.

West Virginia

Brad Paisley - “Country Nation”

After Pennsylvania comes West Virginia and coming out of Glen Dale, West Virginia is Brad Paisley.

A little bit of country being played through West Virginia seems right so we have to put “Country Nation” on the cut.


Pharrell - “Come Get It Bae”

Jason Mraz - “I’m Yours”

So after a little bit of country music through West Virginia, it’s time to pump up the beat with Pharrell Williams, who is from Virginia Beach.

“Happy” is a good choice, but “Come Get It Bae” is just a great song that hasn’t been overplayed.

On your way out of Virginia, you’re going to want to slow it down with a tropical vibe.

Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” is what the trip needs to chill out for the sand and sun of Florida. The music video for the song shows Mraz flying to a tropical place with sun, sand and warm weather a lot like Florida.

North Carolina

Nina Simone - “Feeling Good”

After about nine hours in the car it’s getting warm out, which is only going to up the anticipation, which is why the next made it to the list.

“Feeling Good” is one of Nina Simone’s most iconic pieces. She was also born in Tryon, North Carolina.

The song is grounding. Her lines, “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling good” will keep everyone’s energy going.

South Carolina

James Brown - “I Feel Good”

James Brown’s “I Feel Good” will bring that pep back into your step for the rest of the trip.

A perfect transition from “Feeling Good” in North Carolina, as Simone tells you to start “Feeling Good” and Brown keeps you there with “I Feel Good.”


Ray Charles - “Hit The Road Jack”

Kanye West - “School Spirit”

R.E.M. - “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”

This was a tough one because of all the talent that has come out of Georgia.

The playlist continues with the oldies, and one legend that was born in Georgia is Ray Charles. His song “Hit The Road Jack” is perfect for pushing everyone through those Georgia roads.

Kanye West, some love him and some love to hate him, but because he was born in Georgia, he had to make the list.

His song “School Spirit” is a reminder that it’s spring break and there are no tests and no homework, just relaxing.

Finishing Georgia for another oldie, the band R.E.M. is from Athens, Georgia and the song of there’s that made the playlist is “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” – because it may seem that way at this point in the trip.


Jason Derulo - “Trumpets”

Sandy beaches, warm water and the sun makes it feel like another planet compared to Buffalo. After 15 to 20 hours of driving, making it to your destination is an accomplishment of its own and a means for celebration.

Jason Derulo was born in Miami, Florida and his song “Trumpets” sound like a celebration every time.

Evan Grisley is an arts staff writer an can be reached at