The Bestest choice: UB startup app makes for easier decision making
When Lalit Goel’s wife went shopping for glasses, she tried on dozens of pairs. All she wanted was to poll her friends to see which pair they thought looked best. That’s when Goel came up with the Bestest app.
PodKeeper planning: UB alum creates online hub for management
When Steve Sacks became a father, his life was in dire need of organization. Sacks, a UB graduate, and his wife Nikki also noticed a gap in the market. That’s when they co-founded the PodKeeper app for busy parents and students. PodKeeper is an application to help parents manage family schedules and social groups for their kids but can also be used by students to manage their busy lives. It is not available in the app store, but can be accessed online from a computer, tablet, iPhone or Android and syncs with calendars and emails.
UB students discuss what scares them most about upcoming presidential election
This year, many college students will be able to vote for the first time, yet a large number are steering away from the voting booths because of their fears regarding each candidate. Twenty-five percent of Americans have unfavorable views of both Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to a recent study by Gallup, an analytic service. Only 11 percent of Americans had unfavorable views in 2012 when President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were running.
UB professors discuss what voters should pay attention to in the presidential election
More than 60 million people tuned into the first two presidential debates so far and some may be asking themselves, “What should I be paying attention to?”
Quality in question: Buffalo landlord is linked to multiple housing code violations in University Heights
Four UB students stood in Buffalo Housing Court and called out their University Heights landlord, Jeremy Dunn, for not fixing problems in his houses. Dunn owns close to 50 properties in the area around South Campus and UB students have complained for years that many of his homes violate safety codes. The University Heights Collaborative and Off-Campus Student Services, have each issued warnings about Dunn. Dunn insists he is not a negligent landlord and denies that his homes are unsafe.
Week three of Outdoor Nations' Campus Challenge
This week, Outdoor Nations is challenging students to sleep under the stars. Week three of Outdoor Nations’ “Campus Challenge” has begun, with UB sitting at rank 15 out of the 90 schools participating.
UB CFA hosts day of mac and cheese
Vendors from the area brought their best mac and cheese in hopes of winning first place and leaving with the “golden noodle.” There were 11 competitors in the competition, including Mooney’s, The Press Box and Protocol Restaurant. The event was held in CFA seating area, with vendors lining the walls serving small cups of mac and cheese to attendees. Those who attended the event were given a scorecard with a place to write their overall favorite mac and cheese – along with any vendor they would like to see at the event next year.
Outdoor odyssey: UB competes in nationwide outdoor challenge
Taking a hike, doing yoga or going for a bike ride will make UB students eligible to win some athletic gear. Outdoor Pursuits and the Outdoor Adventure Club are urging students to participate in this year’s Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge.
Around town: events for $6 or less
The back to school prep is here: buying books, moving in and the first week of classes. But the city of Buffalo isn’t quite done with summer yet and events around town and on campus are a good way to escape the school preparations, even if it’s only for a little bit.
UB SA announces new ticket policy for Fall Fest
UB students will now have to reserve a Fall Fest ticket online due to the Student Association’s new ticket policy. SA announced last week that tickets will only be given to undergraduate students and no tickets will be sold to the general public for the Sept. 10 concert.