Dipson McKinley 6 proves worthy in comfort and price

The first in a series of evaluating Buffalo’s movie theaters


Over the next several weeks, The Spectrum will be reviewing several local theaters in the Buffalo area and evaluating them on ticket prices, concessions, atmosphere, comfort and technical aspects so moviegoers can decide which theater to frequent as spring movies hit the big screen.

Theater: Dipson McKinley 6

Ticket Price: A+

Concessions: D

Comfort: A

Atmosphere: C

Technical Specs: B

Overall: B

Something is putting moviegoers to sleep in the Dipson’s newly renovated McKinley 6 Theater and it’s not the influx of this year’s Oscar bait.

Located behind McKinley Mall on McKinley Parkway in Buffalo, the Dipson McKinley 6 appears as a run of the mill, low-rent, second-rate theatre.

The ticket booth up front is manned by a sign instructing customers to purchase tickets for their movies – which have since stopped playing at the larger theater chains in favor of cheaper fare – at the concession stand.

The lobby, walled with wood paneling straight out of the ’70s, is decked out with the same pictures of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean that you’ve seen in every chain eatery that belies the newly swanky innards of the establishment.

Two months ago, the theater gutted each screening room replacing the old standard seating with brand new luxury recliners. The seats are spaced far enough apart to allow anyone to recline back as far as possible without infringing upon the personal space of another viewer.

If you think you hear a fellow cinephile passing gas, rest assured it’s most likely the sound of fake leather cushions rubbing against each other as they recline across the aisle.

You have never felt this comfortable watching a movie. You have probably never felt this comfortable in your childhood bed. Just try not to think of the sweaty, rotund gentleman who sat there before you, whose body heat is still radiating from the seat cushions.

The spaciousness and cushy chairs make it easy to forget that you’re in a theater and not in your own home. The drawback of this overly comfortable arrangement is that dozing off during the movie is practically inevitable.

At $2.50 for a standard movie ticket, or $2.75 on the weekends, you can take a little nap without feeling like you wasted your money. Although if you’re tight on cash, make sure you avoid the snack bar.

Popcorn starts at $5 for a small size and a large will run you $8. Boxes of candy range from $3 to $4.25, and a standard size bottle of water costs $4.

If you want to keep your night out on the town cheap, make sure to stock up on snacks beforehand.

On the technical side, there is nothing spectacular about the Dipson Theater. The screen is comparable to the smaller screens at a Regal Cinema or AMC Theatre will reserve for its less popular screenings, but the picture is clear and the sound is never muddled.

If you wanted to see a movie last semester but couldn’t find the time due to finals or other responsibilities, or if you’re dying to see a movie again and can’t wait until it hits DVD or Netflix, make sure to check show times on the Dipson website.

For what a movie ticket costs at Dipson McKinley 6, you really can’t beat for a solid night’s entertainment. Just steer clear of the snack bar and get a nap in beforehand to take full advantage of this solid, budget-friendly multiplex.

David Tunis-Garcis is an arts staff writer and can be reached at arts@ubspectrum.com