How to recover from the post-winter break blues

It can be difficult to transition from an extended break back into the academic setting of a college campus. When you’re on vacation you take pleasure waking up mid-afternoon ensconced in your cozy bed. The hardest decision you have to make is whether you want to hang out with your friends or snuggle up in bed and catch a few extra Zs.

And then just like that, you’re trading in your warm blanket for a handful of syllabuses. Those of us lucky enough to have spent our winter breaks in a sizzling tropical location have been quickly greeted by a mountain of snow.

There’s no panacea for the overwhelming feeling of stress that returning to school creates. As freshman, I found myself enthusiastic and I mused on the potential of a new school year. Two years later such enthusiasm has dwindled.

But there’s a few ways you can make the readjustment process a little easier.

Be prepared

Always make sure to have some sort of writing utensil and a form of note taking, especially on the first day. This way you can jot down any important aspects of the class your professor introduces.

Stay organized

Purchase a planner or calendar of some sort that helps you stay alert of all of your upcoming projects and assignments.

Smartphones can also be useful in the art of organization. Turn on calendar notifications to keep yourself on track.

Bulletin boards are also helpful to hang up your syllabuses so you have a visual mode of staying organized.

Room organization is yet another way to stay organized. Allocate a specific area in your room that you can dedicate to homework and studying.

Take a load off

Take some time away from the academic life and cater to your social life. The first couple of weeks of school are when the workload is at its lightest, making it the perfect time to relax with friends.

Develop a sleep schedule

During breaks you can stay up until five in the morning with little to no consequence, but sleep is essential to maintain focus when you’re back in school. Try going to sleep three or four hours before when you’re used to. This way even if you don’t fall asleep right away you won’t lose too much sleep.

Be productive

It’s important to recognize that returning back to school isn’t always a bad thing. Now you get to jump back into a fast-paced life that forces you to leave your bed and be active. Realize all the opportunities that can come your way with a little hard work.

Stay motivated

The great thing about a new semester is that it’s a fresh start. If you’ve made mistakes or oversights in previous semesters, this is the perfect time to start anew. This is much easier in the beginning of a new semester, but try to keep a positive mindset and not get jaded.

Don’t expect miracles

The first week will be difficult to adjust, but give it time. Feelings of disorientation and disinterest are completely pat for the course. After a few weeks you will find your groove and develop a routine for yourself that you’ll memorize like the back of your hand.

Ashley Inkumsah is a news desk editor and can be reached at